Doctrine 1.2 query join many to many

Say I have the following many to many with jobs and users Assignment: columns: job_id: .... user_id: .... relations: user: local: user_id foreign: id job: local: job_id foreign: idis it possible to query Job and then join job.assignment so that the result returns all jobs and then also returns additional rows for each job.assignment?...Read more

doctrine 1.2 - Cannot save a Doctrine_Collection

I am using Docrine 1.2 with Zend Framework and trying to save a Doctrine Collection.I am retrieving my collection from my table class with the following code.public function getAll(){ return $this->createQuery('e') ->orderBy('e.order ASC, e.eventType ASC') ->execute();}I also have the following class to reorder the above event records.class Admin_Model_Event_Sort extends Model_Abstract{ /** * Events collection * @var Doctrine_Collection */ protected $_collection = null; public function __construct() { ...Read more