real location - Why is the city of Sheffield so overrepresented in Doctor Who?

In S01E12 of Nu-Who, in the final round of the deadly quiz game show that parodies The Weakest Link, the Anne Droid asks Rose Tyler the question: In geography, the Grand Central Ravine is named after which ancient British city?The answer to which is Sheffield. As a native of Sheffield, this makes me a little more proud than it probably should, and my curiosity lead me to search Sheffield in the Tardis Wikia. That link brings up what seems to be a disproportionately high amount of references to a city that hasn't been very popular since the i...Read more

doctor who - Why did the Valiant still exist after time was rewound when the Master was defeated?

The airborne aircraft carrier "Valiant" in Doctor Who (around 2005, I think) was apparently designed by the Master when he was taking power on earth.But when the Doctor beat him, time was rewound and that part of history erased.Why did the Valiant exist anyway and why was it apparently well-known to everyone but the technology used in it not used anywhere else on earth?...Read more

doctor who - What is the point of Sweetville?

In the Doctor Who episode The Crimson Horror, "only the brightest and the best" are invited to live in Sweetville. They go through a "conversion" process. When it fails, it produces the crimson skin that gives the crimson horror its name. When it succeeds, they seem to be placed in bell jars... and that's it.Why? Was it ever mentioned what they were doing there?...Read more

doctor who - How did Jack know what The Master had turned the TARDIS into?

In the episode The Sound of Drums. when Martha, Jack and The Doctor find the TARDIS, after Martha comments that the TARDIS sounds like it was sick. The Doctor: It can't be. No no no no no. It can't be. Martha: Doctor, what is it? The Doctor: He's cannibalized the TARDIS. Jack: Is this what I think it is? The Doctor: It's a paradox machine. It sounds like Jack had encountered a Paradox Machine before as he is about to identify it. I am wondering if it's a part of a Time Agent's Basic Training to know what a Paradox Machine is and how to...Read more

doctor who - What was the point of the Truth Field in Trenzalore?

Perhaps I forgot, but, what was the point of having a truth field in Trenzalore?The premise was that Gallifrey wants to find the right universe: the one that has the Doctor in it. To find it, they used the cracks in time to ask something that only the Doctor can answer, hence guaranteeing they found the right universe.Well, if it is a question that only the Doctor can answer, then why even bother having a truth field? Even if some bad guy wanted to trick Gallifrey into entering the wrong universe, it wouldn't work because he wouldn't know the a...Read more

doctor who - Are Susan and the Master related?

I have been wondering if Susan Foreman and the Master are related. Ever since the Missy said she had a daughter it made me think that it's possible that the daughter is Susan's mother. In one of the Doctor Who Novels the Doctor hints that his son is Susan's father.Now I'm not just basing this on just hints, I also think my theory is possible when you look at their hair color. Nearly every incarnation of the Master has black hair and light skin and Susan shares both of those features....Read more

doctor who - What happens to Fixed Points if the past is rewritten?

In a number of occasions The Doctor explains "Fixed Points", moments in time which cannot and/or should not be changed, examples of these are the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (The Fires of Pompeii), the destruction of Bowie Base One (The Waters of Mars), the 11th Doctor's death at Lake Silencio (Series 6)We know what happens if someone tried to change a Fixed point, time fixes it up as it did when the 10th Doctor saved the crew at Bowie Base One, who was supposed to have all died however the event is made public and Adelaide Brooke committed suic...Read more

doctor who - What were the effects of the Great Time War on the universe?

Throughout the new Doctor Who (2005) series, you can encounter The Doctor saying that he destroyed Gallifrey and Daleks to stop the universe from burning.In The End of Time (2), return of Gallifrey disturbed The Doctor a lot. Reason: He didn't want the universe to burn.In the mini episode The Night of The Doctor, the lady pilot chose to die instead of accepting The Doctor's help. It seemed like she was having bad time due to the Great Time War. Also, in the same episode, Sisterhood of Kahn persuaded The Doctor to finish the Great Time War as if...Read more

The "exit strategy" in Doctor Who: Time Heist

In the Doctor Who season 8 episode Time Heist, the team of bank robbers find a case of 6 small items. The Doctor initially claims not to know what they are; when Saibra accuses him of lying, he admits to knowing they are an "exit strategy of sorts". He later reveals they are disintegrators, offering Saibra and Psi quick and painless deaths rather than having their brains melted by the Teller.Later still it is revealed that they're actually teleportation devices,which seems to surprise the Doctor as much as Clara when they discover Saibra ...Read more

age - How does the Doctor's aging work?

How exactly does The Doctor's aging work? It appears to be all over the place. From revived Doctor Who alone:In The Sound of Drums, The Doctor is aged 100 years and becomes an old man.In The Last of The Time Lords, The Doctor is aged a further 900 years and becomes a tiny Dobby-like creature.In The Impossible Astronaut, Amy and Rory see a 200 years older Doctor than the one they last saw and he looks exactly the same as the one they saw earlier who was 200 years younger.In The Time of the Doctor, The Doctor ages for 900 years and looks like a n...Read more

clothing - Why does the Doctor wear a different suit in "Hell Bent", and where did he get it?

At the end of Heaven Sent, the Doctor is wearing his purple velvet outfit and inside his confession dial there was another purple wet one.So why, at the very beginning of Hell Bent, is he wearing a black suit that doesn't look like it fits? He couldn't have gotten it on Gallifrey, as they don't dress like that and he's wearing it in the first scene before he can find anything or anyone.In my opinion he is not wearing the velvet one because of Clara, and him wanting revenge he's sort of half Doctor half War Doctor because he's angry...But is...Read more