crash - JRebel remoting crashing WebSphere on Docker using Eclipse

I have configured JRebel remoting mode in an Eclipse maven project on a Windows Machine, and running WebSphere in a Linux docker container.In JVM args, it's setting-agentpath:/opt/jrebel/lib/libjrebel64.dll -Drebel.remoting_plugin=trueWhen I change source code, jrebel start updating code, and I got the error:2018-02-27 23:32:14.066 ERROR [rebel-CancellableExecutorService-1] c.z.jrebel.remoting.Transaction - [OUT] [tr_36] [Project <maven-module-name>, server websphere] Synchronization failed! Read timed outcom.zeroturnaround.jrebel.remotin...Read more

Copying files from Docker container to host

I'm thinking of using Docker to build my dependencies on a continuous integration (CI) server, so that I don't have to install all the runtimes and libraries on the agents themselves. To achieve this I would need to copy the build artifacts that are built inside the container back into the host.Is that possible?...Read more

Copying files from host to Docker container

I am trying to build a backup and restore solution for the Docker containers that we work with.I have Docker base image that I have created, ubuntu:base, and do not want have to rebuild it each time with a Docker file to add files to it.I want to create a script that runs from the host machine and creates a new container using the ubuntu:base Docker image and then copies files into that container.How can I copy files from the host to the container?...Read more

can't restart docker after resetting the docker socker using docker -H tcp://

I want to open the docker on a port, so I used this command : service docker stopdocker -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -d & INFO[0000] +job init_networkdriver() INFO[0000] Listening for HTTP on tcp ( INFO[0000] /!\ DON'T BIND ON ANOTHER IP ADDRESS THAN IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING /!\ INFO[0000] Listening for HTTP on unix (/var/run/docker.sock) INFO[0000] -job init_networkdriver() = OK (0) INFO[0000] Loading containers: start. ..............Read more

cloudfoundry - cannot deploy docker image form AWS private registry

I am trying to push an app from a docker image hosted in the AWS Elastic Container Registry and am getting 500 error codes from the cloudfoundry API when trying to push. Am i doing something wrong or is there just an issue with the API currently? Any help is appreciated.push command used (replaced real route, app and image name):cf push dockerized-app --docker-image --docker-username AWS --hostname my-dockerized-app -i 1 -m 1024M -k 1024Mcf-cli version:cf version 6.34.1+bbdf81482.2...Read more

How can I install IBM Cloud (AKA Bluemix) BX in a Docker using a Dockerfile

I want to create a Docker to automate some tasks in other docker so I need to install IBM Cloud CLI as explained in can I do it in a Dockerfile? (Install this:)$ curl -fsSL | shSo install process is executed automatically and then add the required plugins? (for example:)$ bx plugin install container-registry -r BluemixThanks...Read more

Simplest approach to expose a HAProxy (port 80) Docker in IBM Cloud Kubernetes

I need to deploy a Docker running HAProxy which I already have working on on premise dockers into IBM Cloud (Bluemix) Kubernetes service. I am a bit lost on how to expose por 80 and 443. In plain simple docker that is very straightforward but seems complicated in Kubernetes, or at least in IBM Cloud.I don't need load balancing, virtual hosts, or any extra configuration, as HAProxy will take care of it. Just need to replicate (move) my on premise running HAProxy exposing ports 80 and 443 into bluemix. (For multiple reasons I want to use HAproxy...Read more

docker - Laradock Nginx: This site can’t be reached

I'm stuck with This site can’t be reached error from my local docker container running Nginx from the latest Laradock installation.I'm running Docker version 17.12.0-ce, build c97c6d6 on Windows 10 Enterprise (1709).Everything worked fine a couple months before and today I wanted to run my sandbox project and faced this issue.I've checked that mysite.conf is listed in "sites-available" directory of Nginx container.Also I see that there are mysite_access.log and mysite_error.log in /var/log (both empty, because I tried to rename the site just to...Read more

clojure - lein ring server throws inside docker container

I am containerize my clojure project in docker. The container is successfully build and has both java 1.8.0_151 and lein 2.8.1 running on it. However when I try to start a ring server I get this exception. Yet when I run the same code in the mac environment everything runs normally. exception: $ docker-compose upStarting clojurejournal_clojure_journal_1 ...Starting clojurejournal_clojure_journal_1 ... doneAttaching to clojurejournal_clojure_journal_1clojure_journal_1 | --> INFO: starting lein ring serverclojure_journal_1 | Nov 09, 2017 12...Read more

docker - Boot-clj connection refused

When attempting to run Boot inside Docker, using the adzerk/boot-clj image, I receive connection refused errors.Specifically, when the container starts up, boot is started, and then a stack trace is output. The trace (which is not easy to copy and paste between computers with no connectivity) essentially is to do with downloading - - and receiving "Connection refused" errors.I’m asking, and answering this, question in the hope that it might help someone else....Read more

activemq - How to deploy/copy both an application and resource adapter to Payara Docker image

I'm trying to build a Docker image 'from payara/server-full', but I need to copy both my application and an ActiveMQ resource adapter to $DEPLOY_DIR.Following the example at FROM payara/server-full:174COPY domain.xml /opt/payara41/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/COPY sqljdbc4.jar ${PAYARA_PATH}/glassfish/domains/${PAYARA_DOMAIN}/libCOPY activemq-rar.rar $DEPLOY_DIRCOPY my-app.ear $DEPLOY_DIREXPOSE 8080 8181I'm constantly getting and error in my application:[#|2018-02-23T20:30:09.450+0000|SEVERE|Pay...Read more

cloudfoundry - Docker container crashes after execution of python script

After deploying a Python Docker container and successfully executing a script the container crashes and restarts in a loop after showing the following error message:2017-06-19 13:22:49 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT Exit status 02017-06-19 13:22:49 [CELL/0] OUT Exit status 02017-06-19 13:22:49 [CELL/0] OUT Destroying container2017-06-19 13:22:49 [API/0] OUT Process has crashed with type: "web"2017-06-19 13:22:49 [API/0] OUT App instance exited with guid 85e7922e-5a0c-4430-994a-324e5abc0c14 payload: {"instance"=>"", "index"=>0, "reason"=>"CRASHED...Read more

docker - openshift online: Error on StartContainer - ErrImagePull: "unauthorized: authentication required"

I'm new to openshift and I have a showstopper:On my Computer I created a Dockerimage called restservice and I successfully tested it:docker run -d -p 8080:8080 restserviceThen I created an app in Openshift-Online with the image:oc new-app restserviceI can see the deployment-pod is starting and after the creating of the running pod is failing.with oc describe pod restservice-2-50n0hI get the following Error:...Events: FirstSeen LastSeen Count From SubObjectPath Type Reason Message --------- ------...Read more