dns - Setting up a custom nameserver with BIND9

Lets say that I purchased a new domain (somedomain.com) from a domain registar and I wanted to setup my own nameserver on a server that has two IP addresses.First I buy the domain.I get the server.install BIND9.I login to the server and prepare the DNS records for NS1.SOMEDOMAIN.COM and NS2.SOMEDOMAIN.COM.Where do I set these up in BIND and how should I do it?Next Step:Go back to the domain registar and set the DNS to point to NS1.SOMEDOMAIN.COM and NS2.SOMEDOMAIN.COM.Is it a bad thing if the domain that I am forwarding is pointed to its OWN na...Read more

dns - How to point a domain to another address without access to add CNAME zone

Ive bought some domains from a hosting service and i want to point them to my other server. I did so usually by adding a DNS zone of type CNAME to list of DNS es which is set in my domain administration panel. but unfortunately I do not have access to add a CNAME, I can only change my name servers. I have even tried to point the name servers to my own domain name server, but this did not work so. for example I have the name servers ns1.online4iran.com and ns2.online4iran.com. but the domain still does not point to my server. is there a way to h...Read more

dns - Is it possible to route the root of a domain to another domain without conflicting with MX records?

We have a variety of domain names that all point to a central location. For example:company.com (main organization)[A] =>[MX] =>[MX] => (secondary organization)[A] => want to be able to point both domain names to a CNAME record so that both domains can be rapidly changed. For example:company.com (main organization)[CNAME] => another.record.com[MX] =>[MX] => (secondary organization)[CNAME] => another.record.comOf course, this o...Read more

dns - Using CloudFlare with CloudWays Digital Ocean PHP Stack

We are hosting our website on CloudWays Digital Ocean server, and our application is a PHP Stack.That means the domain name isn't using ns1 ns2 as usual, but is using CNAME record to point to the PHP stack.We need to start using CloudFlare CDN with our website, and I already know CloudFlare is implemented by changing the nameservers ns1 and ns2 to their nameservers.But we're not using nameservers on our domain.So, how do we start using CloudFlare, how do we set it up so it starts receiving traffic from the domain that points to our PHP Stack wi...Read more

dns - Can I setup nameservers to point to other nameservers?

We are whitelabeling some website software, but in order to use it, our clients must point their domains to the software's nameservers. We'll say ns1.softwareco.com and ns2.softwareco.com.Since we're whitelabeling, I don't want our clients to see Software Co's name in the name servers.I could easily mirror Software Co's DNS settings, but if Software Co updates them in the future, my settings would be incorrect.Is it possible to just point my nameservers ns1.whitelabelco.com and ns2.whitelabelco.com to Software Co's nameservers?...Read more

vps - VestaCP DNS record, Go daddy says "Invalid Name Servers"

Okay let me explain the problem in details. I have followed this tutorial to install VestaCPhttps://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-vestacp-and-set-up-a-website-on-ubuntu-14-04Everything works fine. According to the tutorial I've createdAn A record pointing xeonbd.com to my Droplet's IP A record pointing ns1.xeonbd.com to my Droplet's IP A record pointing ns2.xeonbd.com to my Droplet's IP A record pointing panel.xeonbd.com to my Droplet's IP CNAME record...Read more

cpanel - How to setup DNS to connect 2 servers with 1 Domain?

I have 2 servers with WHM installed. I want to map 2 IPs of each server to 4 Name Servers of my Domain. Server 1 IPs: & 2 IPs: & my 4 Name Servers should be like:ns1.example.com what I understand:I need to create 4 Child Name Servers at my Domain Registrar andpoint them to these 4 IPs. I need to create same account for my domain on both servers. On Server 1 I need to add NS1 and NS2 A records to the DNS Zone Entries o...Read more

dns - Example of a top-level domain that is a hostname

On Wikipedia I read that TLDs can also be hostnames: However, other top-level domains, particularly country code top-level domains, may indeed have an IP address, and if so, they are also hostnames.As I understand, this would be a domain like http://org/. When I enter URLs like this, I usually get transferred to something like http://www.org.com/ . Is there any live example of a web site like this?...Read more

dns - google cloud , directadmin - how to set up custom nameservers for domain?

I have installed directadmin in a google virtual machine. I can access directadmin from an external IP and it works fine, but I can't access directadmin from a domain name. I want to change the default nameservers, for example "ns1.example.com" and "ns2.example.com". I want to use Google Cloud for shared hosting.I changed the default name server records to ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com then added A records for these name servers, but it's not working....Read more

Kubernetes DNS / Endpoint

So I am fairly new to Kubernetes. I am a Windows user (sorry) and have installed Minikube. I am trying to learn Kubenetes using MiniKube. I have created very simple REST API that should work with port 5000 exposed where there is a simple route /Hello/{somestring} I have created a POD/Deployment and Service for this successfully in MiniKube like thisminikube.exe start --kubernetes-version="v1.9.0" --vm-driver="hyperv" --memory=1024 --hyperv-virtual-switch="Minikube Switch" --v=7 --alsologtostderr kubectl run simple-sswebapi-pod-v1 --replicas=1 -...Read more

How to configure DNS host record so that my website shows domain name instead of ip address?

Currently I have a golang app that is serving at X.X.X.X:443. Suppose my domain name is example.com. I want to link example.com to X.X.X.X:443. I tried entering this into A Record but it doesn't allow me to use port. Therefore, I currently use URL Redirect Record. I tried to link CNAME Record to this URL Redirect Record but to no avail. It just keeps showing my ip address instead of example.com.I don't mind having example.com:443.Can I know how should I solve this problem? Is it supposed to be solved on the DNS side? Some suggest that I must ho...Read more

amazon route53 - DNS nameserver change - testing - AWS Route 53

I'm about to launch to production a new version of our site. Needless to say, switching from a hosted server and wordpress to a complex webapp that runs on AWS ECS and that sits behing an ELB.Just when I wanted to pull the switch, I found out that the only way to make an A registry to our ELB is to have DNS records hosted with Route53.As you know, A records do not allow URL's like the ELB one, and you can't setup TOP LEVEL CNAME's.I moved all record sets to a Route53 hosted zone, it all looks good.The question is, can I maybe configure my PC lo...Read more

dns - 123 reg changing mx record, while nameserver points elsewhere

I have a domain with 123-reg which i have pointed the domain name to UK fast name servers to host the site, however i wish the emails to be hosted with my previous provider still.How would i change the MX Record to this domain if the name servers are with UKfast? All help guides on 123reg mention the name servers need to be 123-reg name servers. Is there a way to change the MX records without changing the A record or name servers?Below is the only guidance my provider has given me.After creating any of these services, you will be able to view y...Read more

nameservers - The process of DNS lookup

I am a lot confused in this process of how DNS works. Every link is saying different things, which probably will be the same, but I cannot understand.I'll try to put forward all what I know and have read. Please add on to this and correct wherever things are wrong. Type www.example.com in your browser's address bar.The browser sends a request to the system's OS to check in the hosts file. The OS checks the hosts file if there exists a record having IP of example.com domain.If the record exists, the IP address is returned to the browser. The bro...Read more