dnd 5e - How does flaming sphere's jumping movement work? - Rol

Flaming sphere says: When you move the sphere, you can [...] jump it across pits up to 10 feet wide.How does a flaming sphere's jump ability work when faced with a 15’ pit, will it fall in or stop at the edge and move no further?Could you use this same jumping ability to move it over water or some other less than solid or weak surface (10' across or less)?...Read more

dnd 5e - Would a kenku have any objection to being infected with wereraven lycanthropy? - Rol

I recently had a look at the wereraven statistics from Curse of Strahd, and the way it looks to me is that this would be a really good offer for kenku.These are the changes I can see that a kenku would get, following the rules from the Monster manual on lycanthropy. First of all, they gain immunity to non-magical or non-silveredweapons, which is always useful.Their passive perception increases to 16, which also doesn't seem tohave any negative effects.Their beak can actually do damage, making them more deadly.They gain the ability to transform...Read more

dnd 5e - What are good spells for a AoE runner mechanic? - Rol

We are a group of players with very varied level of experience in RPG's (me being on the noob side of things). My char is a Drow Rogue, Arcane Trickster level 3.I know that as a Drow I get Darkness at level 5. I came up with a (possibly) silly mechanic for fun and giggles:Cast Darkness on the tip of my hat. This should create an area of magical darkness all around me, I'd be effectively blind and eventually slam into an obstacle).Cast some spell of the type "summon a ring of XXX that moves around you and deals damage / has effect on contact".S...Read more

dnd 5e - How to adjust Hoard of the Dragon Queen for more players? - Rol

I (newbie GM) will be running the 1st episode of HotDQ for a party of 6. While the intro states that the difficulty of the encounters can be adjusted for parties != 4, it offers no guidelines to do so (except for one encounter much later in the game, where they instruct the GM to add a berserker for each player above 4).We're all very new to 5E (didn't read anything or test until it came out), so, while I do want to challenge the players (no pampering!), I don't want to make the encounters so challenging that they don't have the resources to ha...Read more

dnd 5e - Are there any rules for handling distractions whilst performing skill checks? - Rol

Are there are any official rules for imposing some form of penalty on skill checks whilst the character is distracted or interrupted in some way? In another (Non-D&D) game I played recently there was a penalty imposed on the player attempting to pick a lock because there was a leaky pipe in the room. In an upcoming D&D game I am running there will be a scenario where the party is required to perform a number of tasks, from searching, checking tracks, etc. and there is going to be a goat nearby just making noise.I sort of want the party to be ba...Read more

dnd 5e - Is it okay to add a shrinking ability to a pixie PC? - Rol

I am currently working out a Pixie PC character with one of my players, but we've run into a problem. Pixies being tiny creatures can't carry much of anything (especially with 2(-4) Strength). This makes the use of almost any items near impossible, they couldn't drink a health potion or even lift it at all. The player suggested that the character gains a natural ability as part of being a pixie that everything they touch shrinks down to an appropriate size at will.Would this be fair? Is this over or under compensating? If it is, can anyone thin...Read more

dnd 5e - Are spells that do piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing damage considered magical damage? - Rol

Are spells that do only bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage considered magical or nonmagical damage? Most especially when considering them for purposes of resistance/immunity against "bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons that aren't silvered".For example, Thorn Whip I can see two sides:It is being created by a spell, using a melee spell attack to hit, and the spell damage increases with level. Thus it is magical damage.The spell description only states piercing damage, and it's the object created by the spell that ...Read more

dnd 5e - How do I encourage a passive player to engage with the story? - Rol

I've been DM-ing for a pair of adventurers for about 6 months and I'm really struggling to get one of the players to engage. He leaves all of the talking, decision making and even a lot of the fighting to the other player who is understandably getting narked at essentially having to solo the campaign.Every few sessions the passive player will suddenly pipe up and go on a two hour detour to someplace random like a fudge shop or stir up trouble. I worry that he's bored but he's adamant that he's enjoying the sessions and that he can't wait to see...Read more

dnd 5e - Resources for adventuring building support - Rol

I am a new DM using D&D 5E, and I am building my first adventure. Stack exchange is a great resource for answering specific questions, but is there a good forum out there for getting broader feedback on my adventure? I am looking for a place where I can put my outline out there and have a conversation about workability, pitfalls I've overlooked, or ways to improve. Specifically, I am concerned about things like length, difficulty of encounters, and keeping my players engaged. Any good communities out there for this?...Read more