dnd 3e - Is there a limit how much spellfire energy can be used at once by a spellfire wielder? - Rol

Higher levels of spellfire channeler class allow one to store absurdly huge amounts of spellfire energy. I allowed one player to have the spellfire wielder feat. At 12 character level, with 5 levels of Spellfire channeler and constitution score of 22, they can store 110 levels of spellfire energy. Releasing all of it would result in 110d6 damage to a single target and would require reflex save of 20. Unless everybody has evasion it's quite a ridiculous amount of damage for a single action. Are there any rules that limit how much spellfire can b...Read more

dnd 3.5e - Is there a way to create a magic item at less than its absolute minimum caster level? - Rol

Without using psionics, is there a way to reduce the absolute lowball minimum caster level of a spell completion magic item or spell trigger magic item? Likewise, is there a way to brew a potion at a caster level lower than is needed to cast the spell the potion contains?BackgroundThe benefit of the feat Metacreative (Psionics Handbook 27) says, in part, that You can create psionic items (including psionic armors and weapons, psionic tattoos, dorjes, power stones, and universal items) as if your effective manifester level were one less than yo...Read more

dnd 3e - How do constitution modifier changes affect current HP? - Rol

We are quite new to playing D&D and recently noticed that when you gain or lose constitution modifier, you will gain or lose hitpoints.Now we are having a few issues with this, mainly being:What happens to a Level 5 character, with 5/25 HP and getting a -2 constitution modifier debuff. Will he be bleeding on the floor with a -5/15 hp? The same as when the debuff wears off, will the character that has -5/15 suddenly stop bleeding and be conscious with 5/25 hp again?Currently the rulebook only states that a constitution modifier change will c...Read more

dnd 3e - Does 3.0 Polymorph as originally printed in the PHB leave max hit points unchanged? Even through a level change while polymorphed? - Rol

In the PHB 3.0 on page 236, polymorph other has a permanent duration. It swaps the target's physical stats (strength, dexterity, constitution) out for those of some arbitrary monster. However, it retains the target's hit points ("despite any change in constitution score"), though it does heal lost hitpoints as though from a night's rest. I have two related questions: Does this also leave maximum HP unchanged? What happens when a permanently polymorphed character gains or loses a level?I'm looking for the most Rules-As-Written answer. If there i...Read more

dnd 3e - How do you progress Divine Rank? - Rol

I am looking through the Deities & Demigods book for D&D 3.5 and it lists all the different powers and feats/salient abilities, but it does not touch on progressing your Divine Rank. Is this strictly up to the DM? Is there an XP chart for Divine Rank, or something? How does advancement as a god work? I am unable to locate any explanation.In particular, I'm interested in how one attains Divine Rank 1 from Divine Rank 0....Read more

dnd 3e - What changes between 2E and 3E D&D, if any, made standard XP progression appropriate? - Rol

In editions of Dungeons & Dragons up to and including AD&D 2E, each class has its own progression rate, so that at 3,000 XP you could have a level 2 fighter, or a level 3 thief. In 3E, 4E, and 5E, there is a single rate of progression for every class. In 3E, 3,000 XP is always 3rd level.Presumably, this is because XP cost differences were used to stagger progression and normalize power levels when classes did not have equivalent power at equivalent levels. If so, then it follows that between 2E and 3E there is some set of changes des...Read more

dnd 3e - Who were the Ancient Baatorians? - Rol

Manual of the Planes (2001) says Though the Nine Hells is governed by devils, some sages believe that the devils commandeered the Nine Hells from a far older, stranger race now simply called ancient baatorians. It’s possible that remnants of this mysterious race still inhabit isolated portions of the Nine Hells. (116)Further, Malbolge, the sixth layer of the Nine Hells, on the cavern Maggoth Thyg says Rumors describe ancient places built underneath the slopes of Malbolge. Below the hellish rock and stone, creatures older than the devils thems...Read more

dnd 3e - What's more powerful than a Fortune? - Rol

In AEG's Secrets of the Shadowlands (2004) for Legend of the Five Rings, Second Edition (that's also officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition), the feat Faceless Soul has as its benefit Once per day you may completely shield yourself from all attempts to detect you presence while moving with stealth (such as with the Move Silently or Hide in Shadows skills).1 So long as you remain unnoticed by mundane means, you cannot be detected by any supernatural means (such as spells or kiho feats) short of the d...Read more

dnd 3e - How do I determine number of damage sources for calculating Damage Reduction? - Rol

Damage reduction reduces damage from each source:Consider having DR2, if you were attacked by 6 sources each dealing 3 damage, you would take 6*(3-2)=6, however, if it was 1 source dealing 18 you would take 1*(18-2)=16.My question is how to determine the number of sources of damage in regard to DR when dealing with "AOE-ish" situations. Consider the two following scenarios:A classic trap of a moving wall that crushes you (to the wall in front of it).If the wall is blunt, it deals all its damage as one object and can be considered a single sour...Read more

dnd 3e - How can I upgrade 2e to use 3e armor rules? - Rol

Is it possible to only upgrade the 2nd edition Armor/Attack to the 3rd edition rules? I love the rest of the game mechanics over the 3rd edition rules, but I don't like how you have to subtract for attacking. That part can be very confusing to new players. If so, how would you go about doing it? I want to make sure the game is still balanced....Read more

dnd 3e - What was the source of this Magic Items PDF found on Wizards' website? - Rol

This "New Magic Items" PDF, found in the files section of the Wizards of the Coast website, has been shared around on various forums and linked in handbooks over the years. It has several fairly useful items, such as the mantle of rage, but when going through the WotC website, it's nowhere to be found. What's the source on it?(This question came to mind because of a comment by @HeyICanChan wondering about the source of this obscure article, and I ended up wondering as well.)...Read more