How to use an existing DL4J trained model to classify new input

I have a DL4J LSTM model that generates a binary classification of sequential input. i have trained and tested the model and am happy with the precision/recall. Now I want to use this model to predict the binary classification of new inputs. How do I do this? i.e. how do I give the trained neural network a single Input (file containing the sequence of feature rows) and get the binary classification of this input file.Here is my original training data set iterator: SequenceRecordReader trainFeatures = new CSVSequenceRecordReader(0, ","...Read more

Solving DL4J compilation error

I am trying to download DL4J source without error. cloned imported using existing Maven project in Eclipse.Tons of dependencies are downloaded but it's bombarded with errors.Anyone who knows which branch version is free of compile error?The site says 0.9.1 is most stable version, but it still generates errors....Read more

dl4j - Determining labels for timeseries

I have csv data from various weather sensors like [real data is far more complex from many sensors]:TimePeriod Temp Pressure WindSpeed1, 16, 100, 572, 18, 96, 71There is also the "result": Snow, Rain, Sunny, Wind Shear, etc for each time period.I want to train a Neural Network to learn from the data to predict the "result". I have sufficient data to create both training and test datasets.I am stuck at "go" on the Vectorization! I think I simply have one large CSV file for a pe...Read more

dl4j - occurrences cannot be negative error

Hell, Im running a simple regression.My network configuration is as below MultiLayerConfiguration conf = new NeuralNetConfiguration.Builder() .seed(seed) .iterations(1) .optimizationAlgo(OptimizationAlgorithm.STOCHASTIC_GRADIENT_DESCENT) .learningRate(learningRate) .updater(Updater.NESTEROVS) .weightInit(WeightInit.XAVIER) .list() .layer(0, new DenseLayer.Builder().nIn(numInputs).nOut(numHiddenNodes) .activation(Activation.RELU) ...Read more

Parsing a JSON with dl4j RecordReader

I plan to use dl4j on a dataset which is in the following format: {"articles": [{"abstractText":"text..", "journal":"journal..", "meshMajor":["mesh1",...,"meshN"], "pmid":"PMID", "title":"title..", "year":"YYYY"},..., {..}]}The field meshMajor contains the class labels and the rest are the input for the model. The input features are textual data. I was wondering if there are any built in JSON dataset iterators like the CSV one. I looked up in the examples posted on github but couldn't locate one. If there isn't one available, can someone plea...Read more

dl4j - "How to fix 'Cannot resolve method "iterations and getFeatureMatrix "'?

" I'm new in neural networks and DL4j, and I want to train neural network with CSV and build linear regression. How can I fix these errors "Cannot resolve method'.iterations and getFeatureMatrix()'"? "Previously I'm tried to do that, but have another error in 'seed'".import org.datavec.api.records.reader.RecordReader;import org.datavec.api.records.reader.impl.csv.CSVRecordReader;import org.datavec.api.split.FileSplit;import org.deeplearning4j.datasets.datavec.RecordReaderDataSetIterator;import org.deeplearning4j.nn.api.OptimizationAlgorithm;imp...Read more