How to specify what django view to display when a process ends?

If I've understood the viewflow code correctly, when a flow reaches its end node, the function get_next_task_url from viewflow.flow.views.utils redirects to the process detail page or the process index page.It would be great if the End node allowed us to specify what view to redirect to at the end of the process. For example, it would be great in a flow object to be able to write something like:end = flow.End(redirect='app:view',args=...,kwargs=...)And then get_next_task_url could redirect as specified.Perhaps it would be possible to subclass t...Read more

How do I disable "ajax partial page loads" in Viewflow?

I notice that Viewflow has an optimization that when you click a link in the Sidebar (and a few other places) it doesn't do a regular full page load, but appears to do an AJAX request for the target page, and dynamically replaces the element with the element from the result.This breaks some of my code, but I haven't been able to find where in the Viewflow codebase this is implemented.1) Where in the viewflow codebase is the code located that adds a click handler for links and overrides them with an Ajax request.2) Is there a recommended way t...Read more

Performance constraints of non pro version of viewflow

I'm looking towards using viewflow to design a workflow app for my company. I would like to know about performance constraints of using the non-pro version of viewflow. Besides this I'd like know if using the unpayed version I can change the default front-end that comes with viewflow and if so in which direction should I start looking to do so....Read more

How to connect two flows in django-viewflow

I'm using django-viewflow to track complicated business processes. In order to avoid having long Flow classes and files, I'd like to have one flow feed into another. Is this possible?I've tried the following code, but Python throws a NotImplemented Exception.class SecondFlow(Flow): process_class = SecondProcess start = (...)class FirstFlow(Flow): process_class = FirstProcess start = ( flow.Start( CreateProcessView, fields=['foo'] ).Next(SecondFlow.start) )It would be great if FirstFlow...Read more

Can one viewflow task have multiple next state transitions?

A finite state machine can transition into multiple next states. So e.g. from State1, the machine will transition into State2 given input A, or transition into State2 given input B, and so on. Is this possible with django-viewflow?NB1 I'm aware that it is possible to 'split' workflows. This is an excellent feature but it isn't what I'm looking for. Split workflows provide multiple concurrent workflows, all proceeding individually. I'm looking for a way to choose between different individual workflows, where only one workflow will be chosen and ...Read more

Django Viewflow using class based views but getting error : Reverse for 'index' not found. 'index' is not a valid view function or pattern name

I am using class based views for my Django viewflow project. However I am getting the below error: Reverse for 'index' not found. 'index' is not a valid view function or pattern nameHere are my classes:rules/flows.pyclass MyFlow(Flow): """ My App Flow """ process_class = models.MyProcess start = flow.Start( views.MyDetailView, fields=["rule"], task_title="New Task" ).Permission( auto_create=True ).Next(this.end) end = flow.End()rules/urls.pyrule_urls = FlowViewSet(MyFlow).urlsurlpatterns = ...Read more

What causes viewflow to throw 'More than one join instance for process found'

I have a django-viewflow workflow which includes a 3-way Split() to handle email, SMS, etc. Since each of those activities may take an extended period of time to complete, I represent each one of the 3 split branches as a pair of nodes:A normal Handler() node which spawns a Celery job.A custom wait-for-celery node.The custom node looks like this:class CeleryEvent(mixins.TaskDescriptionViewMixin, mixins.NextNodeMixin, mixins.DetailViewMixin, mixins.UndoViewMixin, mixins.CancelViewMixin, Event):...Read more

Django viewflow: not receiving flow_finished signal

I'm trying to catch the flow_finished signal from django viewflow like thisflow_finished.connect(function)but it's not working. The function isn't called even if the flow finishes.Any help please, I'm pretty lost.In my app's I added thisfrom django.apps import AppConfigdefault_app_config = 'test.TestConfig'class TestConfig(AppConfig): name = 'test' verbose_name = 'Test' def ready(self): import viewflow.signals...Read more

Viewflow: AllProcessListView return empty

I'm trying to use viewflow in my project but I'm having a few problems with the views that start with "All" (AllProcessListView, AllQueueListView, ecc..).I created some custom templates for them but they always return me empty querysets, even if the specific views for a process show the correct results. Any help please? This is my url setup:url(r'^flow_processes', AllProcessListView.as_view(), name='flow_processes'),url(r'^flow_queues', AllQueueListView.as_view(), name='flow_queues'),...Read more

List all viewflow processes the user is allowed to

I'm trying to implement django-viewflow in my project, using django-admin as a GUI. I'm currently trying to create a custom view and relative template to show a user a list of all the processes that he can start,so not the process instances but a list of process models he's allowed to see. Is it possible? I tried using the ProcessListView but it requires a flow_class, while I'd like to see all flows the user is allowed to....Read more

Two independent flows (processes) in Django-Viewflow under one frontend, exception raised

I'm trying to implement two identical independent Processes (flows) under one frontend. After fresh migration I can start one of them (as many times as I like) and it works fine. But when I try to start another one it raises DoesNotExist exception ("Process(Х) matching query does not exist"). After this it's not possible to start neither of them. It looks like when next node is been initialized (after start) the process object can't be found.Update:I tried adding my app to viewflow demo. My processes is OK only when started first. Starting it a...Read more

Viewflow Django - How do you deprecate a step?

I recently removed a step in my viewflow.Now i am getting 500 errors from coerce_to_related_instance(task, task.flow_task.flow_class.task_class with the error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'flow_class'. class TaskIterable(ModelIterable): def __iter__(self): base_iterator = super(TaskIterable, self).__iter__() if getattr(self.queryset, '_coerced', False): for task in base_iterator: if isinstance(task, self.queryset.model): print(task) task = coerce_to_related_i...Read more

django-viewflow - getting task URL without request

Knowing task instance is there a way to get the url of it? For example in the cookbook: - how do I get the url of assign task of approve flow_task? I know there is flow_task.get_task_url(task, url_type='guess', namespace='', **kwargs), but the point is that from what I can see the namespace is usually fetched from self.request.resolver_match.namespace. That's not ideal - what if we are in other part of the app and we simply want to provide links to the tasks di...Read more