distributedcache - Get-CacheHost shows OK on one server but Unknown on other server

I have the Distributed Cache service running on three servers in my 2013 farm. I was attempting to take it off of the WFE so it would only run on the two existing Application servers, or what will become the App servers once I am done loaded them with services and Scheduled Jobs. The issue I am encountering however is that when I am on any server other than the App server the Get-CacheHost command returns Service Status of Unknown for the App sever and OK for the other two servers. I have checked and this result is consistent on both the WFE an...Read more

distributedcache - distributed cache

I have a problem with distributed cache :I am unable to get working distributed cache on my development environment, so I decide to ship my console application to my client to test my code in his environment.I just doing a "put" and a "get" in distributed cache but I have the mysterious "temporary failure, busy network" error.I have already search one day to repair this problem (install CU 3&4 appfabric, restart, remove host from cache cluster...), without success...I just want to know if my code is working on an environment with working di...Read more

distributedcache - Unable to restart distributed cache service : cacheHostInfo is null

I've tried several steps from other questions. After removing the service instance and running the command Add-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstace I receive the error: Add-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance : ErrorCode:SubStatus:No such host is knownThe AppFabric Caching Service is running and the service will show up under services after running the command, but cannot be started.Running the command Get-CacheHost gives: HostName: ServerName CachePort: 22233 ServiceName: AppFabricCachingService Service Status: UNKNOWN Version Info: ...Read more

distributedcache - What is "Role Conversion" actually do on SharePoint 2016 on-premise?

We have a SP2016 (16.0.4327.1000 build, Release candidate) installed. I checked there is no Distrubuted Cache service setup. So I set it up on 2 WFE server. After that I change the role of WFE servers to "Custom". I found nothing have changed but I am not sure. All services on WFE have same status before conversion.May I know what is "Role conversion" actually perform beside change the naming?P.S. by some project restriction I cannot patch the farm at this moment....Read more

distributedcache - Distributed cache service is not enabled in this deployment

In the Sharepoint Health Report, I'm getting an error saying that 'Distributed cache service is not enabled in this deployment.' The resolution seems simple enough: Add-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance in PowerShell. HOWEVER, when I go to: CA>Application Management>Manage Services on Server, I see that Distributed Cache is already started. I'm not sure what the disconnect is. How can it be both running and not running?...Read more