Is it OK to indicate that I downvoted in a comment?

This is from my Flagging Summary: [Me:] Where did my comment go? It was a factual explanation for the -1, and I did keep it strictly neutral in tone. – 7 hours ago [Mod:] declined - Comments regarding upvotes/downvotes/acceptance rate are noise on the Stack Exchange network and are removed. The comment in question: -1 because this is a very inefficient and inappropriate way to simulate SpinWait(). The library offers much better solutions with 1 call. Like Sleep().Now this is from a Q+A where the tone was getting a little nasty, so I don...Read more

Can the reputation system be improved upon? - Rol

I just got on the wrong side of the reputation stick on the Gaming SE, by asking a question against their specific flavor of FAQ and policies. It got me to thinking, and I wanted to ask whether the system works well as it stands, or if there might be some changes worth the doing. I chose to have the discussion here because I feel much more comfortable on this SE (thanks folks for making me feel at home :D) and because I feel like I am a much more credible expert on RPG topics, so I can discuss the system with the ramifications here.I'm not sure...Read more

What to do when the answers complement each other? - Rol

So, I have asked this question here. It currently has two answers, but none of them is complete (in my opinion). The first lacks the citation of cover as AC bonus, and the second answer last paragraph is wrong, as people have pointed out.Following the suggestions of the answer of this question, I would pick the second answer because I was looking for bonuses beyond increasing DEX. But it would still be an incomplete answer.So, should I edit one of the answers to make it complete or comment on the answers?...Read more

Forced movement and OA duplicates - Rol

I recently created a Q&A (Can I trigger an Opportunity Attack by forcing an opponent to move out of my reach?) for the purposes of having a general question to dupe questions dealing with forced movement causing OAs to.I subsequently went through and closed 6 questions as duplicates of it (5 old, 1 current) and added it to 3 questions that were already closed as duplicates.I'm not sure if it would have been more proper to post this to meta before I did this (in retrospect the answer is clearly "yes"), but given that one user has disagreed w...Read more

New user guidelines or markers for the ratio of story ID questions to other types?

I'm extremely new here, 15 days in, and I've read that most new users ask a lot of story identification questions. I certainly have. A story ID question brought me here in the first place. I checked my own history and so far I've asked 27 questions, with 14 of them tagged as ID questions. That makes sense. An ID question is easier to conceptualize and frame than many other types.I think it's reasonable to assume that, as time goes on, people ask fewer ID questions and branch off into broader areas of interest. My sense is that this broadening i...Read more

Standardization of English, etc. - Rol

In a recent (otherwise quite solid) edit of “Will changing an artifact sword to another weapon type impact game balance much?”, @okeefe changed the British spelling “artefact” to the American spelling “artifact.”Searching our meta, I see no rule regarding whether a particular spelling is preferred, or whether someone editing a question anyway can or should change from one spelling to another....Read more

Are these two questions about Blindsight and the Blinded condition true duplicates? - Rol

I asked a question about casters with blindsight and the Blinded condition, which has been marked as duplicate to a question which asks if creatures with blindsight can have the Blinded condition.Why they are not the sameI do not agree this question is a duplicate of the linked question. The other one asks: "Can creatures with blindsight be affected by the Blinded condition?"The one I opened asks: "Can casters with blindsight and are Blinded cast spells that require them to see the target?"My question already assumes the answer to the first o...Read more

Frequently asked questions about tagging on MathOverflow

Due to several discussions on the main site, I am asking this question concerning the best practices for tagging questions on MathOverflow. Unfortunately, the relevant documentation page does not answer the following questions (except partially questions number 2 and 4 below). Moreover, that help page is not specific to MathOverflow.Ideally, the result of this discussion would either be added later to the documentation, or it would be turned into a FAQ thread. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds here.How...Read more

Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day?

I noticed tonight that a well-intentioned user has been doing a lot of minor edits of formatting of old questions with the effect of filling most of the active question list with old questions bumped by minor edits. Did we ever reach some sort of consensus as too how many minor edits a user should restrict themselves to in a single day? I know on the old meta, now known as tea, such issues were discussed....Read more

How to get a question answered

I have posted a question once and did not get any answer. So how do I make people to see the question. It seems to me that the question goes down in the list so no one checks it. So is there some way to keep it on the top so that more people notice it. And also how can I request some specific person for an answer. For example in one of my question's a person posted try asking Asaf Karagila. So how do I do that?...Read more

How to track an off-topic question that will soon be migrated to another (appropriate) SE network?

Is there a possibility of tracking the whereabouts of an off -topic question to the destination site if a user is interested in answering that particular question.I will give an example; let's a question is asked on Android enthusiasts and it is evident that it does not belong there (i.e not within the scope defined in the help center) but fits perfectly on sister sites such as SuperUser SE or Software Recommendations SE, how can the user track this question to the respective site it fits so they can be able to answer it.e.g this question How t...Read more

Is an app recommendation in an answer acceptable?

The Help Center says that asking to recommend an app/service/ROM is considered as off-topic, but is it acceptable to recommend an app in an answer, for a question which does not explicitly ask for an app to solve a problem? Is it advised to first ask from the OP (in comments) if it is okay to recommend an app?...Read more

Where to ask for app recommendations?

I want to ask recommendations for apps for a given purpose, e.g., managing bank account information. I know my questions won't fit the main site. Where can I have more luck for these questions, within SE network or outside it (e.g., some subreddits at Reddit, some Android forums)?...Read more

What should we do about questions involving other operating systems on Android hardware?

This question is pretty terrible, IMO: Can I use dual boot in my Android mobile phone? I want to know is there any boot loader modifying tool for android so that I can use my cell as dual boot. Like Symbian- Android, Android - Windows Mobile, Android - Java, Android - Bada. Is it possible.The formatting/wording can be fixed, and it could be made a "How" question about a specific device and OSes (and we have gotten questions like that), but I think it would still be problematic:I'm not sure we have the relevant expertise. Getting WP7 (fo...Read more

Questions about Android Accessories on topic?

I have a troubleshooting questions for a smart bracelet I've purchased, and would like to ask here.I don't see in the Tour that it's strictly on or off topic. The device interfaces directly with my Android (although it's compatible with iOS as well, I don't have one of those), and not through a computer. The app to manage it is Android based.Would asking questions about these other devices be on topic?...Read more