Epicor BPM - Why is my method directive not working?

When it comes to Epicor it's very difficult to fit a descriptive question title in the stackoverflow title box.I have created a Method Directive BPM in the SalesOrder.MasterUpdate method.This BPM is triggered to run when a specific field is changed from any to any, for examples sake lets call this field ttOrderDtl.Number03.Once triggered, the action sends an e-mail asynchronously based on a basic email template:From: sender@web.com To: recipient@web.comSubject: Test emailHowever this does not work...Open Sales Order screen > Open test order > c...Read more

Register directive for controls in App_Code with no namespace

I know that if I created a custom control, say MyLabel in App_Code .. namespace MyNamespace { public class MyLabel : Label { .. }}To access this control in my page, I would use this directive .. <%@ Register tagPrefix="foo" Namespace="MyNamespace" %>If I did not provide a namespace (MyNamespace), how do I write the Register directive? Thanks so much....Read more