How can Digimon come into real world?

As we know, Digimons are digital monsters made of Data in the Computer.So in Digimon Adventure 01 and 02, all the Digimons come to the real world for a mission. But if they are just a piece of data, then how can they actually come out of the computer and take form?Data needs a medium to compile and take form and the real world does not provide that medium, it only happens in devices that understand the data....Read more

Why does no one notice the 2nd generation Digi-destined in Digimon Tri?

In the beginning of episode 1 of Digimon Tri, we see glimpses of the second generation Digi-destined (Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken; sorry I only know their English dubbed names) being destroyed by what looks like Alphamon.Several (in universe) days have past since this event, so why has nobody inquired about what happened to them? I would imagine that they would be missing and somebody would notice.Are the 2nd gen Digi-destined even alive after their defeat?...Read more

Do Digimon eat other Digimon?

In the opening episode of Digimon Adventure, Taichi was attacked by Kuwagamon. Now, I'm wondering whether if that was just the Kuwagamon feeling territorial or did it see Taichi and Koromon as food? As we know from the episode where Taichi, the other Digi-Destined, and their digimon ate dinner at the mansion, they eat meat too: which means we can assume that other digimon might exhibit the same dietary manner.In Digimon World (PS game), it was shown that meat in the digimon world is produced from farms in a fruit-like manner. While digimon that...Read more

Can I watch Digimon Tri without seeing Digimon Adventure 02?

When I was young, approximately 1998–2001, I watched the original Digimon Adventure. I also later (approximately 2003) watched Digimon Tamers, but I never did watch more than a few episodes of Digimon Adventure 02. For nostalgia's sake, I'm interested in Digimon Tri, but I have no interest right now in going back to watch Digimon Adventure 02, since it's really long and only available as an unfaithful dub. I know basically who the characters are, but I don't know any of the main plot arcs. Will I be able to understand Digimon Tri without ...Read more

Why do digimon names end in 'mon'?

As above, is there a special reason why digimon names end in mon?This thread says its for marketing but the guy also has the theory of: Digimon are digital lifeforms, and are made up of computer data, right? As we know, every kind of data file has an extension, or file format, for example a Microsoft Word document has ".doc" as its extension, a web page has ".html" and an image has ".jpeg", ".png", ".gif" etc, so perhaps the same thing applies for Digimon. by wildwing64...Read more