diff - Large text file editor with compare feature?

I'm trying to compare 2 large text files around 500MB each, I've tried to use Notepad++, Textpad, VIM etc and couldn't get them to even open the text file. Either that, or the editors that DO work don't have the compare feature.I need to see what changes are made in those 2 text files, that's why I need to compare them. Does anyone have any suggestions?...Read more

Angular5 [routerLink]="['/url']" Error trying to diff '[object Object]'. Only arrays and iterables are allowed

<a [routerLink]="['/url']" class="weui-cell__ft text-d">title</a>Angular5 [routeLink]="['/url']" throw a Error trying to diff '[object Object]'. Only arrays and iterables are allowed.ERROR Error: Error trying to diff '[object Object]'. Only arrays and iterables are allowedat DefaultIterableDiffer.diff (vendor.js?v=zEe6VsaL2DL3c66V6dkahN0BFDflNeSabH3Fz48ci10:18645)at NgForOf.ngDoCheck (vendor.js?v=zEe6VsaL2DL3c66V6dkahN0BFDflNeSabH3Fz48ci10:35895)at checkAndUpdateDirectiveInline (vendor.js?v=zEe6VsaL2DL3c66V6dkahN0BFDflNeSabH3Fz48ci1...Read more

tcl: capture output from "exec diff" which returned non-zero

I know it is common to use catch when executing commands that may return non-zero... but how can I get the output in that case?To be specific, I wish to do something like "catch {exec diff fileA fileB} ret". The files are different and ret value is 1. What I actaully need is the output of diff, the detailed differences. But I believe the "catch {exec ...} err" practice does not provide it, right?Can someone please suggest on this task? Is there tcl-builtin commands to do file diff? (I think it is possible to redirect the output to a file and th...Read more

string comparison - diff text documents but ignore single character differences? Set a minimum edit distance filter?

I have two versions of a large book in txt format and I'd like to compare them to find significant changes between the versions, ignoring small single character differences.There are lots of diffing tools that can ignore whitespace differences, but I also want to ignore small typos and single or couple character differences. For example, one version of the book has a repeated misspelling of leige hundreds of times and this is corrected in the next version to liege. Some proper nouns have also changed their spelling. (I could make custom work...Read more

diff - Two closely matching files: get corresponding lines?

I'm in a situation where I'm programmatically generating LaTeX code, and I want my Synctex to point to the correct lines in the original file.The generation is basically doing template expansion, so the original files are nearly identical to the generated ones, but with some snippets expanded.I'm wondering, is there a diff tool or library that will easily give me the line number of the original file that corresponds to a given line in the generated one? Can this be extracted from a normal Unix diff somehow?This is part of a build script, so ide...Read more

utility - Is there a PC-based program like Quick Diff?

Quick Diff is great because - as the author says - rather than "having to create two files ... just paste in fragments of code to perform a diff". However, it's an online tool, and sometimes I'd prefer not to send code offsite.Is there a similar, PC-based utility?Ref: "Quick Diff Online Tool":- http://www.quickdiff.com/...Read more

diff - How can I know the line equivalence of two similar files?

When I add a line to the middle of a file, all following lines have their number incremented.Is there a utility that generates the list of equivalent line numbers between two files?The output would be something like:1 12 23 4 (line added)4 5One can probably create such utility by using dynamic programming in a way similar to the diff algorithm. Seems useful, hasn't already been done?...Read more

diff - Source Safe branch differences

I am trying to generate a meaningful report showing the differences between two branches in Visual Source Safe. The built-in visual tool is quite helpful but the generated report is absolutely useless.Does anyone know of any tools or utilities which can help in this regard.(And yes I have tried Google but to no avail).Thanks in advance....Read more

Explaining English Wikipedia revisions diff

I found those files on the download page of Wikipedia.Entries in those files look like this:206430 12 0 'Anarchism' 1031579715 None True 3810 u'Bobdobbs1723' 11394:1:u'\n* [[Lysander Spooner]]\n* 'This is another line from the last dump (Number 15):348524708 26470001 0 'Southeast air corps training center' 1268053721 u'[[WP:AES|\u2190]]Redirected page to [[Category:USAAF Southeast Training Center]]' False 803088 u'Bwmoll3' 0:1:u'#redirect [[Category:USAAF Southeast Training Center]]'Those are tab-separated values wit...Read more

diff - What distance metric for project source code makes sense?

I want to compare the changes of the source code of two project stages, e.g. the web application source code before it was scalable, and the scalable one.For me it is interesting to show how many lines needed to be changed, removed or added to get from one to the other stage. I'm searching for a good distance metric that rewards less code and little code changes - the one I imagine would output a relative value:0% = "Both projects are the same"50% = "Half of the source code has been changed"100% = "Both projects have nothing in common"Intent...Read more

diff - How to develop additional File Formats for BeyondCompare

I see that BeyondCompare can be extended to include additional file formats, as in Additional File Viewer Rules for Beyond Compare 2 and also Additional file format downloads for version 3 but after a quick initial search I don't see how user's develop these special viewers. Is that documented anywhere?I downloaded a few additional viewers which are handily imported via the BCFormats.bcpkg fileC:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\Helpers>dir /b /sC:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\Helpers\HtmlTidyC:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare...Read more

diff - Beyond Compare - ignore white lines

I'm using Beyond compare to Diff HTML/PHP files between a windows PC and a Linux box. I want to compare file contents.I can't figure out how to get it to ignore white space (line spaces or space at the start/end of lines).I'm sure this should be doable, right?...Read more

"non-greedy" diff output?

I want a diff output like- old line 1+ new line 1- old line 2+ new line 2instead of- old line 1- old line 2+ new line 1+ new line 2Is there a way to do this with GNU diff and/or other standard programs? --inhibit-hunk-merge looked promising, but it seems to be deprecated.Context: I'm comparing two CSV files which differ only in a few columns. I want toMake sure no other columns are changedCompare the changed columns one by one (all rows are changed in those columns)The plan is toTranspose the two CSV files so diff can compare columnsdiff and ch...Read more