diagnostics - How to suppress warning (converted from error) in IAR EWARM 5.4

I had a macro for logging that accepts a variable number of arguments. This macro will be processed by GCC in a non-embedded context, and expands to valid C code. Despite this, IAR EWARM gives the error "[Pe054]: too few arguments in macro invocation" wherever I call the macro (thousands of locations)EWARM does provide diagnostics configuration to convert these errors to warnings (and hilariously enough, the code compiles when you do this (i.e. the "error" isn't a compilation error, the compiler is just dumb))The problem is that when I try to f...Read more

How diagnostics frame will reach to DM( Diagnostics Management) in adaptive autosar

There are four layers in Adaptive AutoSAR. Application ARA AP foundation and AP Services Hardware/Machine/Virtual Machine Once diagnostics frame is received on hardware, how it will be processed and will reach to Diagnostics Management? As in classic platform, there was Socket adapter and TcpIp stack, to create socket and resolve the source and destination IP and MAC address for received frames, how same will be handled in Adaptive platform. In DM specification by AutoSAR, Interface between DM and adaptive application is given...Read more

diagnostics - Why are response IDs for UDS requests always the Request ID + 8?

We have a supplier pushing back on us requiring that the UDS Request/Response IDs be separated by 8. (i.e. for a given Request ID, the associated Response ID shall be the Request ID + 8.) We've done this since it follows suit with the given examples in ISO 15765-4:2011, Table 6.We've tried explained that we're just referencing Table 6, but there is still a strong push for an actual ISO requirement that points this out. I'd like to be able to point to a specific section in an ISO spec for UDS that calls this out. If that doesn't exist, I'd l...Read more

diagnostics - Is it possible to read manufacturer specific codes with ELM327

I plan on creating a SW which interacts with the CAN bus (for Cars) over OBDII protocols. The SW will be for PC mainly, and perhaps Android.However, it is no use if I cannot adapt it to read more codes than what is legislated and "public".Is it possible to read manufacturer specific codes with ELM327 if you know the adressess and interpretations of them?Or am I limited to hardware.I have no knowledge of ELM327, which pins are used etc... I am doing some research here so please be detailed in your answers. Thanks.BTW, my HW is:ELM327 (chinese v....Read more

getting diagnostic information in CAPL

i have difficulties reading any kind of diagnostic information with a CAPL test code.sending a request is possible using qualifiers, but reacting on the response does not work.here's a sample of the code:i'm calling this function in the Main():fDiag_read_faults(){ byte DTCasText[1000]; char reasonOut[10]; dword i; diagRequest FaultMem_ReportDTCByStatusMask diag_req; diagSetTarget("EPS218"); diagConnectChannel(); diagSetCurrentSession(1); diagSendRequest(diag_req);et cetera ...and then i would expect a reaction to the:on diagRespons...Read more

can bus - CAN diagnostics

I have to develop a smartphone application which will communicate with a car diagnostic tool.Generally, the protocols used in the diagnostic are KWP2000, UDS and OBD.My question is " how to communicate with the car ? and how to work with these protocols?...Read more

diagnostics - Expert System (Technical Diagnosis)

I'm currently supporting a small part of software which is really error prone. There are a lot of things people can do wrong while installation and so on.So now i remembered things called "expert systems" we played around with in school. So the program asked you questions and leads you to the solution of your problem. I'd really like to make such a system and searched for solutions on the internet.But i couldn't find a program to create such expert systems.Do you have any suggestions or do i really have to program it myself?...Read more

How to Improve My Diagnostic Process

I had some problems which I suspected were related ( diagnostic index at pg. 150 in 98 US WSM ):idle speed too slow and excessive engine shake pg. 167Hesitation / Stumble: Momentary pause at beginning of acceleration, or during acceleration pg. 170Performance poor under load (i.e., power down when climbing hills) pg. 174In the end, the cause turned out to be the spark plugs, which seem to have gone bad due to large amounts of oil collecting in the spark plug holes due to a completely shot valve cover gasket. One thing I'd like to point out is...Read more

diagnostics - More In Cylinder Pressure Testing Questions

So I was looking at a 06 Pontiac G6 2.4l with a complaint of low power on hills. Had been at another shop to have the transmission checked and they referred the customer to us.Road test confirms car doesn't go anywhere fast.I didn't really think this through when I was taking captures and failed to get a longer zoomed out view on cylinder 1, the ignition timing mark, was short on time etc...All captures are in Park. Using a Snap-on EEPV302AT 500 PSI pressure transducer.Cylinder 1 running compression idle to WOT:The end of the exhaust valve even...Read more