devops - Error while loading modules in test-kitchen

I am new to test kitchen and i am trying to use the existing vpc modules i have created earlier using terraform. I am having problems on loading the modules to test kitchen.My folder structure looks liketf_aws_cluster├── .kitchen.yml├── Gemfile├── Gemfile.lock├──│ ├── modules| |── vpc│ ├──│ └──├──|── variables.tfthe ~/tf_aws_cluster/.kitchen.yml file ---driver: name: terraformprovisioner: name: terraform directory: ~/tf_aws_cluster/modules/vpc variable_files: - variables.tfmy ~/tf_aw...Read more

devops - Cloud execution module - Profile is not defined Salt Stack

I am trying to set up the cloud execution module, and every time I try to bring up a test instance with "salt-cloud -p ec2_east_nano_prod saltcloud_nano_test", I get an error: [DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/cloud[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/master[DEBUG ] Missing configuration file: /etc/salt/cloud.providers[DEBUG ] Including configuration from '/etc/salt/cloud.providers.d/abc.conf'[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/cloud.providers.d/abc.conf[INFO ] There's at least one cloud driver und...Read more

devops - Workflow sample for Packer and Terraform integration

I'm trying to create a lab for virtual machines in the VMWare Hypervisor to install a cluster in RHEL; I've seen that Packer and Terraform are very interesting but I can't find clear and /or detailed samples about their workflow, specifically how to create the image in Packer and then let that Terraform consume it. I have seen that Packer has build capabilities but even some type of deploy ones and I don't understand if these overlaps Terraform; I've read that some type of automation is possible via another HashiCorp product, Atlas, but I don't...Read more

devops - Best practices when using Terraform

I'm in the process of swapping over our infrastructure into terraform.What's the best practice for actually managing the terraform files and state?I realize it's infrastructure as code, and i'll commit my .tf files into git, but do I commit tfstate as well? Should that reside somewhere like S3 ? I would like eventually for CI to manage all of this, but that's far stretched and requires me to figure out the moving pieces for the files.I'm really just looking to see how people out there actually utilize this type of stuff in production...Read more

devops - Should I commit .tfstate files to Git?

I am a little bit puzzled on the question whether to commit .tfstate files to Git or not. The Terraform documentation states: Terraform also put some state into the terraform.tfstate file by default. This state file is extremely important; it maps various resource metadata to actual resource IDs so that Terraform knows what it is managing. This file must be saved and distributed to anyone who might run Terraform. We recommend simply putting it into version control, since it generally isn't too large.Now, on the other hand, the accepted and upv...Read more

devops - AWS OpsWorks - setup_failed and eternal pending logs

I'm trying to create an Q.A. stack at OpsWorks. My knowledge in OpsWorks are very superficial, so I began creating a stack with 1 layer and 1 instance. I used only AWS recipes to create an PHP Application layer:[IMG]When I try to boot my first instance, I got the error "start_failed". My problem is: I can't see any logs to find out what is going on, because it keep in pending status forever:[IMG]I already tried to access via SSH and AWS CLI, but I still can't get any log....Read more

devops - Strategy for upgrading to a binary-incompatible version of Ignite

I am evaluating Apache Ignite data grid for the production usage.One of critical requirements is to have a well defined stragegy for upgrading a large system to a binary incompatible version (usually unavoidable when using binary protocols like Ignite does). More specifically, upgrading the Ignite infrastructure independently (before or after) from the large number of Ignite client node components and/or Ignite thin clients.So wondering what would such process look like, for situation when upgrading all the components of the system as a big-ban...Read more

devops - Not able to find curator.yml (elasticsearch-curator) in linux

Official site of elasticsearch says the default config file exists in /home/username/.curator/curator.yml there is no such folder.Also, I tried creating curator.yml and give path using --config option. But, it throws me errorcurator --config ./curator.yml Error: no such option: --configInstallation was done using aptsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install elasticsearch-curatorHelp me create a config file as I want to delete my log-indexes...Read more

devops - How do I configure SaltStack to transfer a file (or install a package) for the first time?

I am running two instances of RedHat. I have SaltMaster installed on one machine and SaltMinion installed on another. I am using a free version of Salt. I want to test SaltStack to do a basic configuration management task. If it can transfer a file from SaltMaster to SaltMinion, that would be great. If it can install Apache web server on SaltMinion, that would be great. Either task will help me learn. My learning goal is semi-flexible.I can use salt '*' The response is True. I tried this command: salt '*' state.applyI got ...Read more

devops - Exposing Salt Metrics to Grafana

I want to monitor my saltstack states and display it on grafana.I am using salt 2017.7.4 and grafana 5.1I want to be able to show the status of successful and unsuccessful states, latency, number of minions on every master/syndic, etc..Is there a way to do that ? because i know there aren't any exporters available for it....Read more

devops - server error 521 cloud flare using https with subdomain

I am trying to set up cloudflare with a subdomain with https. It works when not using Always Use HTTPS option, but when this options turns on, it says error 521, Web server is down. What I have done: I made sure 422 is open in ufwI whitelisted all the IPs from CloudFlareI waited for awhileWhat do I expect to see:I should see the same result as HTTP, since HTTP is already working.What is your set up looks like:I have a website running on, this is working as expected. Nothing is changing there.I created a loadbalancer on CloudFlare us...Read more

devops - Setting up extra context with kitchen-terraform

I'm trying to use kitchen-terraform to verify a terraform module I'm building. This particular module is a small piece in a larger infrastructure. It depends on some pieces of the network being available and will then be used later to spin up additional servers and whatnot.I'm curious if there's a way with kitchen-terraform to create some pieces of infrastructure before the module under test runs and to also add in some extra pieces that aren't part of the module proper.In this particular case, the module is creating a new VPC with some peering...Read more

devops - Bamboo Deployment Fields

I'm wondering if it's possible to add a new field in the deployment screen for Bamboo. For example, I would like to add a field called "Release Notes" that I can use as a bamboo variable and replace in a custom NuGet package....Read more

devops - schtask highest privileges without specifying user

I exported one scheduled job I created. And it should be possible to import that task to other computers using cmd/powershell.Is there a way to tell schtask that it should use current user that is logged on and use the highest privileges to execute this job?May help:All computer are in the same local network and sem system group.Console where schtask import xml is executed already has admin rights.schtask \create \tn <myService> \xml <my xml path>If schtask can somehow prompt for which user to use it would be ok. Even if it will ask...Read more