devexpress - zIndex issues between two ASPxDockPanel

I have two ASPxDockPanels in the same ASPxDockZone (vertical). The first panel has an ASPxCombobox with a dropdownlist that should go over the second panel.However the dropdownlist is just rendered behind the second panel. First panel has a z-index of 12000 while the second has a z-index of 12002 which explain the issue, so I tried to apply a CssClass property at each panels as suggested on devexpress website but it still didn't work.Thanks in advance for your help, TheRainFall....Read more

DevExpress XtraReports server side filtering

I am trying out DevExpress XtraReports and I have a simple report with a few filter conditions and parameters passed via the front end application. I want to know is this filter appended to the SQL generated and evaluated server side (efficient) or is the filter performed client side once the data has been returned? If it is done client side I will need to convert the reports to use stored procs or else they will be too inefficient on large data sources....Read more

DevExpress XPO or Telerik OpenAccess

I'm going to start a mid-sized project and planning to use a good ORM product. I'm going to use a code first approach.I tried Entity framework, OpenAccess and XPO. I think we're going to buy XPO or OpenAccess. Do you have any suggestions about these products?Thanks...Read more

devexpress - Quartz.Net (2.2.3) Scheduling New Jobs

I am running the Quartz.Net server as a Windows service, like described in the documentation. I am trying to understand how I can create new jobs for Quartz to schedule, without the need to rebuild the server application everytime. I would like to be able to add new jobs from an exe, dll, or other options welcome. This way I can add jobs dynamically. From what I can tell it seems all jobs must be defined up front and built into the server. From there the user can pass parameters and enable triggers via XML file. I am using MS ...Read more

devexpress - Automatically selected columns in ASPxGridView

I have 3 nested ASPxGridViews in my project. One is the master grid, the other ones are detail grid connected with primary/foreign key. When I click the new button in a detail grid, the columns in the form comes totally blank. But I want some columns which have ParentID to be automatically selected because I already selected that in its master grid. Here is a specific example:I have a master grid which shows companies. This grid has a detail grid which shows departments belonging to these companies. I chose one of the companies and departments ...Read more

Usage DevExpress Coded UI

I am doing automation testing of a winform and html application with codeduitest and underlying technology uses DevExpress version DevExpressComponents-15.1.6. I see devexpress provides something for codedui only for universal subcscription.I do not understand what they provide because they do not give exact information how it is used with codedui. I have few questions and I hope someone can answer these questions.Visual Sudio Codedui does not recognise inside teechart screens, devexpress should provide this ?VS codedui alread recognize devexpr...Read more

devexpress - How to get selected row of detail grid in Master-Detail GridView?

I'm having a problem on getting the selected rows values of a detail grid. I have master-detail grid in a popup control and it works fine. I also enabled the enable selection to have checkboxes but when i try to run GetSelectedFieldValues on ClientSideEvents of a button it always returns "0". What do i do wrong, i couldn't find it?Here is the detail grid: AutoGenerateColumns="False" CssFilePath="~/App_Themes/Aqua/{0}/styles.css" CssPostfix="Aqua" OnBeforePerf...Read more

Master - Detail Gridview column hiding Devexpress

I have a multiple Parent-Child Gridview. The problem is Parent gridview Column name is Cost ($) and the ($) symbol is hiding when i expand the Child gridview and get it back when i minimize the Child gridview (Devexpress). The Parent-Child gridview is present in the AspxCallbackPanel and in the PopupControl.<dx:ASPxCallbackPanel ID="cbpCartDetails" runat="server" OnCallback="cbpCartDetails_Callback" ClientInstanceName="cbpCartDetails"> <ClientSideEvents EndCallback="cbpCartDetails_EndCallBack" /> <PanelCollection&g...Read more

devexpress - Button in DetailRow needs the keys from the two upper nested APSxGridViews

I do have two nested APSxGridView objects. The DetailRow in the inner one contains also a button. I want to initialize the button so that it launches new window in the browser. For that, I need the key id's from the upper GridViews.GridView1 GridView2 DetailRow ButtonI already know how to get the key from the GridView2 -- my existing code looks like:protected void btnModify_Init(object sender, EventArgs e){ ASPxButton btn = sender as ASPxButton; GridViewDetailRowTemplateContainer clsdetail = btn.Parent as Gr...Read more

devexpress - How does localdb location work?

I am trying the Dev Express demo application located inC:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 15.2\DevExtreme\DXHotelsWeb.config has the connection string <add name="DXHotelsStore" connectionString="data source=(localdb)\devextreme;attachdbfilename=|DataDirectory|\HotelDB.mdf;integrated security=True;multipleactiveresultsets=True;App=EntityFramework" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />The data file exists atC:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 15.2\DevExtreme\DXHotels\App_Data\HotelDB.mdfThe solution file is inC:\Users\Publi...Read more

DevExpress XAF: Get Collection of SubCollection

I have 3 Classes : GrandFother, Persons, Childpublic class GrandFother: BaseObject{[Association("GrandFother_Persons")]//......public XPCollection<Persons > GFChilds{ get { return GetCollection<Persons >("GFChilds"); }}}public class Persons: BaseObject{[Association("Persons_Childs")]// Other code ...public XPCollection<Child> Childs{ get { return GetCollection<Child>("Childs"); }}//Other code ...}public class Child: BaseObject{[Association("Persons_Childs")]// Code ...}Now, what I want is th...Read more

Custom attribute in DevExpress XAF

I'm new here, I'm using DevExpress XAF for creating my win and web app within the XAF platform, but could not find clear answer for using CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE in XAF.Let say I have database already in SQL server. When I add ORM Data Modeling Wizard to build Classes, I have Image fields (varbinary(max)) and i see CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE in properties, I would like to use it. Edit Attribute ScreenWhen the application is running the end user can Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Load, SaveFor getting this i used CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE: DevExpress.Persistent.Base.ImageEdi...Read more

Multiple OnSaving event in DevExpress XAF

Im working on a piece of code using DevExpress XAF, I noticed that if im using the event OnSaving that the code executes 2 times, how can i prevent that protected override void OnSaving(){ if (PrestamoP != null) { PrestamoP.Prestado -= Monto; PrestamoP.Save(); } else if (PrestamoG != null) { PrestamoG.Prestado -= Monto; PrestamoG.Save(); } base.OnSaving();}...Read more