deus ex human revolution - Can you break doors by throwing things at them?

I'm trying to get into Lee's apartment in Deus Ex Human Revolution, and the door is protected by a level 3 Hacking keypad. This forum thread suggests it's possible to break it down by throwing a fridge at it. I found the fridge that user is talking about it, but throwing it at the door has no effect.Do you need a special augment for throwing things at doors to break them? Why isn't this working?...Read more

deus ex human revolution - Cannot beat Namir due to dodgy AI in Director's Cut

My inventory is as follows:Tranquiliser Rifle with 50 roundsStun Gun with 102 roundsPEP with 30 rounds8 EMP grenades6 gas grenades3 EMP mines2 gas mines0 free slots (due to energy bars, bar packs, painkillers, stimpacks, Stop! worms and Nukes)I read on the wiki that, for this fight, I can run into a small room and hack a security terminal to activate two bots to murder him. So, I activated the bots (had to use an AUD, because the bastard kept shooting me while I was hacking), and then... nothing. They never shot him. Even when he decloaked. I s...Read more

Where is Deus Ex: Human Revolution's "Missing Link" DLC on Xbox One?

I just installed the Xbox 360 backwards compatible DE:HR game on my Xbox One after today's update which contained the game.It installed fine and I could also installed my "Explosive Mission Pack" DLC. Since it didn't offer to install "Missing Link" I went to check my Microsoft account but it showed up as purchased, so I remembered right having purchased it previously.Where or how can I install download the Missing Link for Xbox One?...Read more

deus ex human revolution - How do I get past the security door in DXHR:DC?

Specifically the one leading to the "Detention Center 5" in what used to be the "In the Belly of the Beast" chapter of the Missing Link DLC before it was merged into Director's Cut. Screenshot: pressed the button to initialize the scan, but the doors didn't open and the objective marker moved to the other side. Looking at the map shows this as the only way through....Read more

What file format does Deus Ex HR use for it's level data?

I'm wanting to export some of the Deus Ex HR levels into another program and combine them to create a virtual city to walk around in, and eventually add NPCs, ect... I only plan on using this for a personal project, and not to redistribute.I have it on PS3 and Xbox 360, but I don't want to buy it on PC until I know if this kind of thing would be possible, or at least know what file format the game uses for it's levels.I'm not concerned about keeping any of the interactivity or clipping data just the layouts and textures.This basically just stem...Read more

deus ex human revolution - Are some DE:HR keycodes unobtainable?

According to this answer, all keypads should have a valid keycode, however, the wiki linked list one or two codes as "?" Why are those codes not listed? Are some keycodes in the game unobtainable?Anyone have access to the game and can run check, maybe?The codes missing (at the time of writing this) are:"East Apartment F2" in Detroit Downtown Apartments"Hengsha Streets (South)" in Hengsha City...Read more

deus ex human revolution - How do I get past the laser detectors in the mission Searching for Proof?

I'm playing through the Searching for Proof mission in Deus Ex Human Revolution. I've gotten to the part where there are the sweeping laser detectors. I couldn't figure out how to get past, so I found a walkthrough and it shows the below laser gate flickering and going out so that you can slip through.However, for me it never flickers and remains constantly on. Is this a bug or did I miss something?...Read more

How am I supposed to kill the final boss on the Deus Ex difficulty?

I'm not upset—I won't actually pick the game up again—but I was expecting to earn the pacifist achievement when I just completed to game but somehow didn't earn the achievement. I can't think of any point in the game where I killed someone.Either, I didn't get it because I didn't spot that a takedown I did was actually a lethal one, some of the "crazies" at the end ran into a mine when chasing me and that counted as a death,a robot exploded and killed someone, or I did something wrong with the last boss. I ran to the center, hi...Read more