designers - Why is it that people are so surprised that graphics design can be hard?

Why is it that people are so surprised that graphics design requires skill and knowledge*? Sure superficially there is nothing special in graphics design at first glance. Still, there is quite much to know to do a good job. This is the 21st century; everything has already been convoluted to the extreme.Some of the tech you need to understand are actually very hard things. Let's take color management as an example. Color management is a complex problem, even in some cases a hard problem. The solutions that exist out there are only adequate, by n...Read more

designers - How can I practice my design skills in a more motivating and engaging way?

My motivation to practice has been sapped away as practicing feels more of a chore. I know the number one way to truly get better as a beginner is to do fake briefs and tutorials but they aren't motivating in the slightest. What are some ways to practice that are engaging and motivating? Things I'm working on like my logo, digital and t-shirt design skills are some examples I'm looking to improve on....Read more

business - Civil Engineer to Graphic Designer

Does anyone have advice on a lost soul?I'm currently studying Civil Engineer already finished my second year. I hate it but I want to finish this degree. I've found myself interested in Graphic Design though I have no experience apart from an A* in A-level Art.Would I have to start a whole new degree? Or is there another way, such as taking a foundation year? Is that enough to make me employable?I just don't want to graduate at 25 as I'm already 20....Read more

designers - Client asking for design suggestions

My first-time client, referred by a very loyal client of mine, does not want to follow my designing route (for what I’m assuming are personal financial reasons). They want something “fresh, new, eye-catching” (all terms we’ve all heard hundreds of times).I’m an extremely reasonable guy when pricing, but my client is now asking for suggestions on how she could design her business cards, or simply for any tips or ideas for concepts, etc. (because she is “very creative”, in her own words).I have no idea how to respond to my client asking for sugge...Read more

client relations - How to assess whether a non-designer values good design?

I am in a situation where I need to evaluate some people (non-designers) based on how much they value great visual design.This is in the context of company branding, software product aesthetic & experience.To be clear, my question is not about assessing someone's taste, or their innate ability to recognize good design, its about assessing whether they agree that its important to have good design. For example, a CEO candidate might have absolutely no design skills and only layperson design knowledge, but their past actions demonstrate that t...Read more

terminology - Difference between graphic designer and visual designer

I see myself as a multidisciplinary designer. I do both graphic design and web design, with a main focus in visual-identity design. I’m also into illustration as well as type design, and I do work for both digital and print mediums.I'm just wondering if using the title visual designer to describe what I do would be correct? Or would it be more accurate to describe myself as graphic & web designer instead?...Read more

designers - "Pretty" design vs "appropriate" design

Ok, I'm really interested in hearing the feedback of others on this one. I work in a company with a number of marketing managers (as I've stated in a couple of other posts)... And we have FINALLY hired a new designer for me to work with. Yay, no more 70+ hour weeks.But to get to the point of my question. Sometimes MMs will design their own ads/flyers, etc. and then come to me (now us) to make it print-ready (yeah I Or, they will come to me with a magazine or brochure they like from some random company and ask me to create the exac...Read more

designers - What to include in my portfolio?

I am a relatively recent graphic design graduate. I have been working at a small printing house for about two years, but will soon be interviewing for a different position in another city.My question is about what to include in my design portfolio. When I was in school, my professors all insisted that work included in a portfolio should be 100% original: my original photography, my original logos, my original layout, my original written content etc. However, at my current office, we rely heavily on client-supplied logos, type content, and photo...Read more