derivative works - MIT license ambiguity about copyright?

I asked this question in but it was pointed out to me that it is better suited to be posted here. I deleted the original thread in the other subforum.So the specific question is: Is it allowed to incorporate MIT licensed work in closed-source projects thereby practically bypassing the necessity to deliver with the new work an extra file (or link to a site or something like that) stating a copyright hint of a portion of the code which is licensed under MIT?Actually the MIT license reads like it is not that a...Read more

derivative works - Use of a CC BY-NC-SA licensed LaTeX CV template

Is it permissible to use a LaTeX template for writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/résumé, licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA, in order to gain paid employment?Examples of such templates can be found, for example, here. (Some of the templates there occasionally seem to engage under dubious licensing practices, like reusing resources under incompatible licenses, but that's out of scope for this question.)Distributing the CV would presumably be considered as the sharing of adapted material, which according to §2a1B is allowed for "NonCommercial purposes o...Read more

derivative works - Is the output of an open source program licensed the same?

According to my knowledge, open source software is free to use and distribute. If modified it should be distributed under the same license.But what about only using output of the programme?Eg. Consider sharelatex and overleaf. They are well known online latex editors. While compiling latex code they use pdflatex program, which is open source. Now, as they are web-based they are not redistributing it, but they are using output of the program. It is fine till here, but when it comes to revenue. Do they have to pay royalties?It will be great if s...Read more

derivative works - Recourse for forks ignoring open source license on original code in App Store?

I used to contribute to a free iOS app on GitHub that was released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.Multiple people have since taken the code from that GitHub repository and released apps onto the app store based on that original code. Some of them have just released the app as is with only the name changed. Some have made extensive changes. None of them, that I'm aware of, have released the source to their changes.Is there any recourse to get them to release their changes?Has anyone had any success getting Apple to remove apps from...Read more

trademark - Is there a license that requires derivative works to be published using my project's name?

Like many software developers, I am seeing my open source projects as showcases of my abilities and style of work. I want to license them in a way that prevents others from publishing derivative works under completely different names in order to make sure that they stay visibly connected to my original work. I am only aware of open source licenses that prevent the reuse of trademarks. Is there a license that requires derivate works to include my project's name in their name?...Read more

derivative works - What counts as a "user" for the purpose of the AGPL?

If someone modifies a program licensed with the AGPL, the modified program is required to give user's its source code if it interacts with them over a network. My question is what constitutes a "user" in this scenario.Would other programs that interact with it constitute users? Would the program have to honor a request for the source code from them?Would the users of other programs that interact with it constitute users? Would the program have to honor a request for the source code from them?What about clients of the users of the program? Would...Read more

derivative works - What are my license options for releasing code I derived from code that was released under LGPL v2.1?

If I take some code that was released under LGPL v2.1 and make modifications to it, what are my options for releasing that derived work again as open source?I guess, one option would obviously be to release it again under LGPL v2.1. But that's about the only option I'm sure of.Could I release my derived work underGPL v3LPGL v3MIT licenseApache License 2.0any license listed as "GPL-Compatible" at the GNU websitewithout violating the LGPL v2.1?...Read more

Is a derivative work necessarily written in same language as the one it derives from?

For example, a C repository built upon the ideas from a (say) JavaScript project - is it a derivative work based on the latter?To clear things up little bit, i'd give a more detailed example;Imagine an open source compiler written in JavaScript implements in its code base a high quality code optimization algorithm its authors have discover'd; my question is, can other works, no matter open source or not, incorporate the algorithms in their own code (which might not have been written in the same language as the code whose ideas it is using) and ...Read more

derivative works - AGPL and Node.js

Supposed I have written a server in Node.js that I licensed under AGPLv3. Now, if somebody takes my code and modifies it, this is a derivative work. So far, so good.Supposed my server has the ability to load .js files from disk and run them, e.g. to provide something like a plug-in interface. The interface is designed in a way that the files do not require anything from the server, the binding is only the other way round: The files only contain functions that are being called by the server.Does this make the additional .js files a derivative wo...Read more

copyright - Is code generated from an interface definition file a derivative work?

Is stub code generated from an IDL file or a protobuf definition file a derivative work?This has come up recently in a developer discussion between several partner companies.Background:We use a CORBA IDL file with omniORB, and the file itself has license X from a german company.We also use a protobuf .proto definition file, and this file has license Y from a german company.The omniORB IDL compiler states in its license: All parts of omniidl are licensed under the GNU General Public License, available in the file COPYING. ... we do not cons...Read more

copyright - Confusion about derived works from an MIT License

I am confused by copyright licenses. Specifically whether or not I am permitted to use derived code from W3Schools in my production code base.To give a bit of context I have a contract to build a website. The particulars of the website don't really matter, except for the fact that I was searching for code that I could hack to develop a vertical drop down navigation pane. I came across a wonderful example on W3Schools that did what I wanted.However, before I copied the code I started to do some research to make sure I wasn't violating copyright ...Read more

license notice - How should I mark a source file with GPLv2 as a derivative work?

I want to include a file with GPLv2 license in my project (which is also GPL, so there are no worries there). The file starts with a copyright line, and the license information.I'll be making significant modifications to that file, and I imagine I need to indicate that the file has been changed from the original.Also as far as I know, the copyright of the code I add to that file will be mine whereas the original code will belong to original author.How can I indicate those 2 points above inside the source file?...Read more