continuous integration - Debugging when GitLab's CI complaining node can't be found

I'm updating an existing project that uses a proprietary command line tool called packs to build a set of HTML and Javascript files. The project then uses Gitlab's CI to run the tool and deploy the resulting files to Gitlab Pages.I've also updated the packs tool, and now the Gitlab CI is broken. Here's the relevant part of the CI log (with CI_DEBUG_TRACE set to true)$ yarn buildyarn run v1.3.2warning package.json: No license field$ packs --build/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directoryWhen I move back to an older version of packs, the CI pa...Read more

Enable Debugging Bluez Fedora

I work with Bluez on Fedora and need some more debugging information then provided by enabling debugging with "bluetoothd -d". So in best case i want to write in the sourcecode of bluez for debugging. Is it only possible with build bluez new after that?Thanks...Read more

debugging - How to switch to definition of a function in 'Debugger' tab in firefox from 'console' tab?

I have a function name. I want to go to the definition of the function in 'Debugger' tab of firefox for debugging purpose. The way given in the firefox debugger tutorials is that either I have to search for the function in the debugger tab globally or else I have to open the file in which the function resides and get the function definition. In my case, I am not sure where the code will reside and I can use the global search to get it, but it takes a huge time to get since my code base is large.In chrome, we can type the function name in the co...Read more

debugging - GDB autodisplay expression removed after make

I am debugging a c program.There is one breakpoint inside a function and I created some auto-display expressions for further stepping ( e.g. '(gdb) display *array@30').Every time I issue a make and then run the application again, these auto-displays are removed. I checked via info display, they aren't disabled, they are gone. However, they seem to get removed on the run, after make they are still there.Is there something to save and restore them, or simply keep them in place?...Read more

debugging - UWP Unable to debug .NET compilation code (Release)

My UWP apps were running flawlessly on debug but instant crash on release, I've uploaded the package to app store twice and they tell me that my app doesn't work too. Unticking that .NET Native stuff helps but I'm not sure it will work on other users' pc and I have no idea what that does, I think something goes wrong.My other projects can run Release build flawlessly, I've tried clean up everything and re-build but I get the same error.Thank youedit: tried running on my laptop, stuck at splashscreen then got the same error, I even tried removin...Read more

debugging - Need help figuring out iOS 8 bug/glitch

I have 2 view controllers in game App. 1st VC is no gameplay only intro. 2nd VC is gameplay and GameOver screen. On GameOver screen is a BACK button that takes you back to 1st VC. On GameOver is also Final score and High Score. Example, current Final score = 3 and previous game's Final score was 2. For some reason when I click BACK to go to 1st VC during that split second transition from VC2 to VC1, the Final score will show 2 instead of 3. That's NOT supposed to happen. However, this has NO affect on gameplay. But it's still an annoying bug/gl...Read more

debugging - Custom Sharepoint Web Part - resetting property to initially set value

I have been writing a pretty basic search web part to return items from a specific list. My web part is working fine until I change some of the custom property fields. While debugging I have found that my web part seems to be running twice, although I know their is only once instance on the page (Have checked using [http://mysite?Content=1])One run of the web part is using the changed properties and one uses the initial property which is causing it to crash. Can anyone suggest a reason for why this would occur and how to avoid it. Any help is g...Read more

debugging - Delete NoUIEntryPoints-DesignMode packages

When uninstalling programs I see hundreds of packages with the name "NoUIEntryPoints-DesignMode".As a result of my research I have recognized if you debug an UWP-App which registers a file extension it will create this package and the system is not able to delete it.How can I delete them all?At the moment the "Apps & Features"-Page looks like this:...Read more

debugging - IntelliTrace UWP, error: Process "some path" failed to start

I'm trying to debug in production an application made in UWP with IntelliTrace of VS2015 Enterprises.I follow this documentationBut, when I try to launch the test, take this error: This documentation says that IntelliTrace only support events in UWP application, but it not work.I was looking for any information about this, but I still don't find it.If they have any information for this, I will be fully grateful....Read more