Wireguard on debian - no access to server subnet

I have a problem with WireGuard VPN connection to my office network. I am just testing Wireguard if it can replace OpenVPN (which is working fine).Both sides are Debian 9.7.The connection is established between client and server successfully, I can ping and ssh in both directions. On the server side is attached local network, the address of the server is, and two other computers, Wireguard Address =, Client = on Server: on Client: more

debian stretch - After a reboot the DRBD comes up with Connected Diskless/Diskless status

After an unattented power loss, facing a major issue, every reboot the DBRB comes up with Connected Diskless/Diskless status.main problems: dump-md response: Found meta data is "unclean" apply-al command terminated with exit code 20 with message open(/dev/nvme0n1p1) failed: Device or resource busy drbd resource config cannot be opened exclusive. About the environment:This drbd resource normaly used as a block storage for lvm, which configured as an (shared lvm) storage to a proxmox ve 5.3-8 cluster. On top of drbd block device an lvm co...Read more

Debian Stretch Problems

I was trying to install php7.2, but I could not.Then I typed this:lsb_release -aAnd this error occurs:No LSB modules are available.Distributor ID: DebianDescription: Debian GNU/Linux stable-updates (sid)Release: stable-updatesCodename: sidHow can I return it to the stable version?...Read more