Why don't dconf-editor and dconf list show the same directory structure?

I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity 2D. If I open the dconf-editor and navigate through: org > gnome > gedit > pluginsI see a directory for plugins and the keys: drawspaces, externaltools, pythonconsole, terminal and time. If, from a gnome-terminal, I enter the command dconf list /org/gnome/gedit/plugins/ I see the key active-plugins and the directory filebrowser. Why don't I see the same thing with both dconf-editor and dconf list???...Read more

dconf and locks

https://live.gnome.org/dconf/SystemAdministrators gives a bunch of information which just doesn't seem to apply to Ubuntu. Placing a file in:/etc/dconf/db/local.d/locksand running:sudo dconf updateCreates a binary file:/etc/dconf/db/localAnd a rough look inside this file appears to take the contents of /etc/dconf/db/local.d/locks into account but for all intents and purposes, this file appears to be ignored.Does anyone know how to apply dconf locks in Ubuntu (tried and tested preferably)?...Read more

My dconf/gsettings installation is broken. How can I fix it without Ubuntu reinstall?

I run Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS x64 in VirtualBox. After one very unfortunate misclick (reset saved state instead of load saved state) I got a very annoying problem.Almost all applications (unity, synaptic, gedit, etc.) print on start:Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.And all GUI settings reset after reboot. Another symptom:$ GSETTINGS_BACKEND=dconf dconf-editor(dconf-editor:2353): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: Can't find module 'dconf' specified in GSETTINGS_BACKENDGLib-GIO-Message: Using ...Read more

gsettings - Dconf settings in ~/.config/dconf/user.d/ not loaded

I've created valid keyfiles for configuring my Gnome terminal and placed them in ~/.config/dconf/user.d/termnial.conf but those settings are not getting picked up by the dconf system. Is this the wrong location? Is there something else I need to enable this path as a possible location of key files? I'm on a relatively fresh install of Ubuntu 18.10 (minimal install).For reference, here's my keyfile:[org/gnome/terminal/legacy/keybindings]new-window='<Primary>n'close-tab='<Primary>w'close-window='<Primary>q'new-tab='<Primary&g...Read more

Tab auto completion does not work in gsettings and dconf?

Earlier, when I used to do gsettings get org.gnome. Tab , a list of different options used to get listed. But then I changed some settings and updated my computer and found out today that Tab auto completion is not working in gsettings and dconf either.How do I set Tab auto completion again ?Although Tab auto completion is working fine in shell when I have to auto complete the name of a utility or name of a file.I'm using bash version 4.4.12(1)Output of apt-cache policy bash-completionbash-completion: Installed: 1:2.1-4.3 Candidate: 1:2.1-4...Read more

dconf - How to add a key to an empty schema?

I would like to automate setting some settings, specifically add some keyboard shortcuts to ~/.config/dconf/user. Here is how it looks in dconf-editor:Now gsettings (or dconf) can list the first one:$ gsettings get org.cinnamon.keybindings custom-list['custom0', 'custom1', 'custom2', 'custom3']However, I cannot see a way to then add a new keybinding, or even to read the customX keys.$ gsettings get org.cinnamon.keybindings.custom-keybinding:/ custom0No such key 'custom0'How can I add, for example, a custom4 key with binding='<Super>g', ...Read more

gsettings - Are dconf schema names case-sensitive?

I have found an example of a schema that is referred two in two different ways, differing only in case, which is confusing to me.Gsettings sees the schema name as com.canonical.Unity.Launcher, and does not accept com.canonical.unity.launcher as a valid schema name. On the other hand, dconf-editor only sees com.canonical.unity.launcher all lower-case, as seen in the screenshot.If I change the key favorites in Gsettings, that change is reflected in dconf-editor, and vice-versa.What's going on? Which is the correct schema name, com.canonical.Unity...Read more

dconf-editor gui doesn't show anything

I'm having trouble using dconf-editor. On startup I get the following warning twice:** (dconf-editor:4690): WARNING **: dconf-schema.vala:330: Unknown property on <schema>, extends. The gui comes up but none of the fields ( apps, ca, com, desktop, org, system ) are expandable. I found that the environmental variable DCONF_PROFILE wasn't set. I set the variable to :$ export DCONF_PROFILE=/etc/dconf/profile/ibus$ printenv DCONF_PROFILE/etc/dconf/profile/ibus$ cat /etc/dconf/profile/ibususer-db:usersystem-db:ibuswhen I bring up dconf-editor ...Read more

How to repair/unlock gsettings (or dconf-editor)?

BTRFS is a nice filesystem, except when you are forced to hard reset the system twice in a row. In that case, all recently made changes to the files on the filesystem are broken in one way or another. Among theese there is always the Linux registry, dconf. So after the computer hard restart, you are left in a state of the broken dconf - all values are forced to the defaults, and you are banned from doing any modification to them. Removing the whole /home/$USER folder and re-creating it from scratch fixes the problem. But that takes a huge amou...Read more

How do I change dconf keys without a gui (for a post-install script)?

I have installed dconf-tools. In this case I am manipulating the display of a name in the panel on the session indicator.I can change this in dconf-editor gui with no problem, I go to apps/indicator-session, and untick show-real-name-on-panel.However, I have also tried to toggle it just using dconf at the command line:dconf write /com/canonical/indicator/session/show-real-name-on-panel falseAfter rebooting, the panel is unchanged, and the key in the dconf-editor is unchanged as well.Moreover, trying to update the dconf database via the terminal...Read more

How to search dconf for keys or values?

I loaded dconf-editor. There is no menu, but I did discover that you can press Ctrl+F and enter a search term.However, I do not know what Ctrl+F actually searches. When I enter a term (e.g. panel or unity-greeter), I receive no results.I have also tried gsettings at the command line, but with no luck whatever options I have tried; I must be doing it incorrectly.How do I search for a specific key or value within dconf?...Read more