database administration - SQL query takes time

HI I have my application running on my production server perfectly, I updated the application some 2 days ago and since then I experienced some performance related issue. The issue is when you click the button the query that runs against that button needs some 1 min or more to pull out the result and my application thus shows time out error but the same application runs fine here in my local.I don't think its the issue related to query optimization since its simple select query having joins b/w 2 tables and its some 40-50 records pulled.I ...Read more

database administration - Allocating resources for SQL Server instances -dba

I have a question regarding allocating resources for SQL Server 2008 R2. We a have physical server Windows 2008 R2 with three installations of SQL Server 2008 R2 for Production, test and development. The server has 64GB of RAM and 24 cores. If we want to allocate specific amount of resources to specific instance, can we do it? For instance, we want allocate 32 GB and 12 cores for production instance, and 12 GB and 6 cores each for test and development.Because all three instances are on the same physical server, we do not want the test and devel...Read more

database administration - Best practices for ArangoDB compaction on-demand for file space reclamation

Part of my evaluation of ArangoDB involves importing a few CSV files of over 1M rows into a staging area, then deleting the resulting collections or databases. I will need to do this repeatedly for the production processes I envision.I understand the the ArangoDB service invokes compaction periodically per this page: deleting a database, I waited over 24 hours and no disk space has been reclaimed, so I'm not sure this automated process is working.I'd like ans...Read more

greenplum database "relation does not exist"

I am getting "relation does not exist" error while trying to truncate a particular table.The table actually exists in the database.Also when I click on this table in pg admin I get the warning for vacuum.Are these things related.?------ Adding few more details----Truncate statement is called within a greenplum function. This job truncates and load the table on a daily basis(This table is queried in reports)The issue pops up once in a while and if we go and restart the same job again after few minutes it succeeds....Read more