database - Insert data into hive table

Using a Cygwin distribution, I've installed Hadoop 0.20.3 and Hive 0.11.0.First of all, I don't understand how to use the Hive CLI:hive> show tables;Then enter and nothing happens. I can execute queries using hive -e/-f.Then, I've created a table:CREATE TABLE tweet_table(tweet STRING)COMMENT 'Table of string'But how can I insert data into this table? I see some INSERT INTO examples but when I try:INSERT INTO TABLE tweet_table (tweet) VALUES ("data")I've got an error:FAILED: ParseException line 1:30 cannot recognize input near '(' 'tweet' ')'...Read more

python 3.x - How to return a dictionary from a database?

I have written functions to access a database. The table called Books has:- a `book_id` TEXT column, - a title TEXT column, and - an author TEXT column.For the first one, run_query is a function that connects the database.get_book_cnt_per_author is a function that returns a list of tuples in this form:'author', number of booksI don't know how to use the run_query function through the loop. I always got None for what I wrote.I don't know where my problem is. I only get one book for each author.Please tell me what is the problem.def get_books(db,...Read more

database - moving sql server 2012 mdf &ldf but my hdd full

currently my server c drive almost all full only left 20Gb ,and i have a big database table with 11 millions records of binary images .now i need to move my mdf and ldf files to another hard drive to empty the c drive and keep the performance of server fine please can u advice me with the correct waymy sql.server version is 2012 andwindows version 2012 data center i tried to move or backup my big table using sql delta software, but the c drive free space not enough becasue of log file which created by sql delta software thanks...Read more

Do you use source control for your database items?

I feel that my shop has a hole because we don't have a solid process in place for versioning our database schema changes. We do a lot of backups so we're more or less covered, but it's bad practice to rely on your last line of defense in this way. Surprisingly, this seems to be a common thread. Many shops I have spoken to ignore this issue because their databases don't change often, and they basically just try to be meticulous.However, I know how that story goes. It's only a matter of time before things line up just wrong and something goes mis...Read more

database - ERROR: invalid value for parameter "TimeZone": "Canada/East-Saskatchewan"

I'm importing a database which is working with psql (PostgreSQL) 9.5.10. for my local database v.9.6.5.This is the problematic part:COPY timezone (id, name, windowsname, tzindex) FROM stdin;...315 Canada/East-Saskatchewan \N \N...This is the error I'm getting:pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error while PROCESSING TOC:pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error from TOC entry 9024; 0 48454 TABLE DATA timezone skysmspg_restore: [archiver (db)] COPY failed for table "timezone": ERROR: invalid value for parameter "TimeZone": "Canada/East-Saskatc...Read more

database - CouchDB parallel replications causes high cpu usage

I have a per-user DB architecture like so:There is around 200 user DBs and each has a continuous replication link to the master couch. ( All within the same couch instance) The problem is the CPU usage at any given time is always close to 100%. The DBs are idle, so no data is getting written/read from them.There's only a few KB of data per DB so I don't think the load is an issue at this point. The master DB size is less than 10 MB.How can I go about debugging this performance issue?...Read more

How to move database and attach it to SQL Server 2008

I am not able to attach a database to a SQL Server 2008 on different machine. I moved the .mdf and .ldf files after detaching the database from one computer to another. When I try to attach the database on new machine the database does not show up on the file location.If I browse manually I can see the files (.mdf and .ldf). There are no hidden files under the MSSQL > DATA folder which contains all the other database files.Also is there a way to backup the database, move it to new machine and add under SQL Server? If yes then how can I do so...Read more

database - Projecting the closure of functional dependencies over a relational set

I've read about closure for specific attributes and know how to get them. However I don't understand how to get following:R(ABCDEF) F= A->BC, C->DE, E-> AQuestion: project F⁺ over S(ACE) (i.e. which FDs hold over S?)Does this mean I should list all the functional dependencies from F such that they hold in S? So E -> A is the only viable answer as both attributes are listed in S?Thanks...Read more

Opening a MS Access database from VB that is being used by another user

Is there a way to open a MS Access database from VB 6.0 that is being used by another user.I have a service that is updating a .mdb file. I want to monitor this DB by reading some parameters from it periodically.If I try to simply open the DB (which works if the DB is not used) like this:Private Sub Form_Load()Dim CurrentDBFileNameOn Error GoTo ErrorHandler Set BaseDB = OpenDatabase("c:\temp\log_db.mdb") Set DestRS = BaseDB.OpenRecordset("current_log_info", dbOpenDynaset) DestRS.MoveFirst CurrentDBFileName = DestRS!CurrentDB Base...Read more

database - MS Access shared on SharePoint with multiple users and linked tables

I have an Access Database (2010) that uses a linked table from a SharePoint (2013) list of names. It does not edit the information on the SharePoint list, but rather pulls the names from SP to populate the name field in the new records in Access. The user then can add in the additional information stored in the Access DB (in this case, it is somewhat of a "report card" form that allows the teacher to input student's grades).This DB is stored on a SharePoint site. When teachers try to use it, they are prompted to save the DB locally and then "Sa...Read more

database - Options for cloud based MS Access backend

Our company has used Access for its database needs. It wants to stick with the current database frontend, but migrate the tables to some cloud based solution. We do not want to host SharePoint or pay a monthly fee for Office 365. I have used MySql as a backend, but we had to install drivers. We will also be gathering data from Google Forms on a regular basis. Can anyone suggest possible options for this combination? Data from Google Forms, Access frontend, and cloud based backend. Thanks!...Read more

database - How can we share a backend MS Access 2016 on One Drive

We operate a small retail business with three retail shops. Each shop has it's own PC running Windows 10 and Office 2016 (we subscribe to Office 365 Home edition). We have created a customer ordering database in Access 2016 and now wish all three shops to have access to this (add records etc) We have tried splitting the database and putting the backend on OneDrive and providing the other two with the front end. Whilst this works perfectly for the shop that split the database it is not available to the other two. Can this be done on OneDrive or ...Read more

database - Searching Subform

We have a database set up with a main Client Details form - within this there are several subforms relating to services that clients access. We cannot search the entirity of the subform fields as it just searches records for the single client due to the link.What would be the best way to search? I was thinking maybe have a Search option on the switchboard that when clicked allows the user to select a form and then opens that form on its own. How would I do this?Thanks....Read more