Vuejs/JavaScript and Outbound Transfer Behavior

I'm currently trying to wrap my head around outbound transfer as a project of mine makes it a concern.I discovered that if I try to play music directly off of my server, it counts towards my outbound transfer. This is understandable and I can understand the logic of that.The idea I have is if I happen to host the file elsewhere, would the outbound transfer be counted towards my initial server, my 3rd party server, or both? I'm considering putting the music on dropbox for example and stream it from there through the server.Is what I want even po...Read more

Folder is empty while data transfer Sata Hard Drive From Laptop Into USB External Enclosure

I need a little help - I am trying to take the data from hard drive to another laptop using Sata Hard Drive (2.5" Serial ATA Hard Drive Enclosure). However, it is successfully recognized as E drive but the drive says it is empty. My user account has administrator access (full control) I am able to see the drive as E driveWhen E drive is opened, it says the folder is empty This is the view including the hidden files. It shows only the system data from the SATA drive but not from the old laptopThe reason of this data transfer is that my laptop fa...Read more

data transfer - Is a trading partner code list necessary for EDI parsing?

New to EDI, but trying to write a PoC EDI Parser for a client. They've given me an x12 850 and an x12 315 file to serve as examples, but one of the things they're interested in is making the segment/data element headers human readable.Ex:N4*KOWLOON**99999*HK~becomes geographic_location: [KOWLOON, 99999, HK]I've been searching online and have found a few different code lists for 850s (1, 2) and 315s(3), but I'm not sure if these correspond exactly to the lists used by the client. I don't want to waste the client's time requesting unnecessary doc...Read more

data transfer - Do I need a USRP2 block in GRC in order to use the USRP2 hardware?

I am trying to find the USRP2 blocks in order to utilize my USRP2. In alot of examples their exists a USRP2 Source that they use and maybe thats the reason why I'm not able to actually send and receive a signal using two USRP2's. We turn on the receiver at exactly the same freq as the transmitter and we are never capable of seeing a signal. The root of this question lies in that if we do the same thing but with 2 URSP1's we can see something in the receiver side....Read more

data transfer - Is there anything between Hamming code and parity control?

I need to transmit data over the line with some noise. Each transmission packet is only one byte (8 bits). I need that the receiver will be able to catch errors (and optionally correct some of them - but it is not essential as I can repeat the transmission in case of error).Now I know two options:Hamming code (8 data bits out of 12 transmitted). Very good performing (single correction and double detection) but hard to implement (or this is not so hard but I don't really understand the idea of the code) and 33% less speed (50% redundancy).Parity...Read more

Transfer App data from rooted to unrooted new phone

I got a new (unrooted) Nexus 6P and want to transfer my app data from a rooted Amazon Fire Phone.Methods I've considered:Use titanium backup to backup apps - Can't be restored on my new unrooted phoneUse titanium backup to create apks that contain app data - Installed apps wouldn't be linked to play store (right?)Use google syncing capability? The fire phone doesn't seem to sync the apps even though I have google services installed.Use an intermediate rooted device that supports google syncing? Would this actually work? Could I use Bluestacks f...Read more

mtp - How do I move gigabytes of data from my computer to my phone's SD card?

I'm trying to put my music collection (~37GB) onto my android phone's SD card via USB cable and MTP. It has to go on the card, because my phone's internal memory is not capacious enough.I've tried drag and drop, rsync, cp, etc. (OS is Linux, phone is Galaxy S8)Once I get about ~15 GB of data in the directory I can't even ls it or look at it in the GUI file browser, much less add more. Attempting to do anything at that point seems to crash the filesystem driver.Googling the problem seems to be useless, I just get a bunch of basic tutorials on tr...Read more

data transfer - Importing contacts from Nokia C1-01 to Android

I'm trying to import my contacts from an old Nokia C1-01 to my new Android Motorola G6 Play. How can I do this?So far I've tried a Bluetooth connection (connected but couldn't transfer the contacts). And I've saved my contacts to the Nokia SIM card, but it is the micro-SIM format and I don't think it will fit in the Motorola G6 Play. Should I cut it to size with a sim card cutter?I can access the contacts in the phone using the Nokia PC Suite and make a backup of my phone. I can also export the contacts into a CSV. It is combining the first ...Read more

How to move data between 2 Android phones?

I'm trying to move data from a Pixel3 to a Pixel1.BluetoothI am able to pair the devices, but for some reason they are disconnected as soon as I switch to another app (to a Files app to copy data). I'm not seeing any errors.USBI am able to connect the devices via USB, but only one way! So I can move data from Pixel1 to Pixel3, but I'm not able to move data from Pixel3 to Pixel1. In settings there is a "USB controlled by..." switch, but when I press it, it tries to switch for 10 seconds and then times out. Again, no error message to tell me what...Read more

data transfer - How did Ceefax work?

Ceefax was a service that provided a series of pages of coloured text in a format similar to a 40-column display to a compatible television set. Each page was numbered, and you could address each page by its number. Typing in a number would bring up the relevant page with about the same latency as a dial-up modem.This hasn't made sense to me since I knew how a television worked. The television can't transmit back to the transmission tower; even if it could, my aerial is much too small to send a signal that could reach the transmission tower wit...Read more

data transfer - A splitter to carry more than just audio

I am gradually acquiring devices that connect directly to my iPad and iPhone via the Lightning port:An iRig music keyboardAn iCirround IShowFast 32 GB memory stick (double-ended with Lightning and USB plugs)An M-Audio UNO MIDI interfaceA Behringer UCA222 stereo audio line i/o interfaceI am also very new to IoT and started to learn tech BASIC, and have no idea whether or not what I want to accomplish can be done.Here is the issue. When I have any of these accessories plugged in, I can not keep my iPhone or iPad powered or charging. The problem i...Read more