Are there free, low cost, or open source tools for matching name/address data?

This question is related to Tools for matching name/address data. There is a number commercial tools provided by SAS, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., that allow to de-duplicate or merging names of individuals or companies coming from multiple sources.However, after reading the answers to the question mentioned before, I wondered why a seemingly interesting problem didn't receive any answers mentioning open source projects that could tackle the problem. Are you aware of any open source projects or algorithms to implement the so called "record linking",...Read more

Calculating and reporting Data Completeness

I have been working with measuring the data completeness and creating actionable reports for out HRIS system for some time.Until now i have used Excel, but now that the requirements for reporting has stabilized and the need for quicker response time has increased i want to move the work to another level. At the same time i also wish there to be more detailed options for distinguishing between different units.As an example I am looking at missing fields. So for each employee in every company I simply want to count how many fields are missing.For...Read more