Invalid thumbnail URL when uploading a video on dailymotion api

I use dailymotion api to upload video : most of the cases, it works well. But sometimes, I have this error :{"error":{"more_info":"","code":400,"message":"Invalid thumbnail URL","type":"invalid_parameter"}}When I upload the video again with the same parameters, it is a piece of my C# code : var dico = new Dictionary<string, string>(); dico.Add("access_token", accessToken); dico.Add("url", config.Url); if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(c...Read more

dailymotion api for video comments

I am working with the dailymotion api and wondered if anyone has experience with it to resolve an issue. i am literally collecting thousands of videos based on queries but for some reason, each time I query for comments on each video, the result comes back empty or 0. Does anyone know whether you require a special token or if comments are not available as I am unable to find one single case of comments appearing for any videos.[{"created_time":1559835628,"id":"x7af84l","comments_total":0},{"created_time":1559835649,"id":"x7af84n","comments_tota...Read more

Does the Dailymotion API have something equivalent to YouTube's onYouTubeIframeAPIReady?

With the YouTube JS API, I can do the following:<script src="//"></script><script language="javascript"> function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() { ytPlayer = new YT.Player('ytplayer'); }</script>This will load the API, and when its ready, assign ytPlayer.However, the Dailymotion API is included as follows:<script src="//"></script><script> DM.init();</script>This doesn't wait for the API to be ready. So I'll often get Uncaught ReferenceError...Read more

Dailymotion API - Search Restriction

I have a problem on video search. With a French IP, everything works well, but with Ireland IP no.I try : on French IP -> 500+ results on Ireland IP -> 1 resultMaybe Video access error (DM007 Video geo-restricted by its owner) ? No because works well. Not found on search query (with Ireland IP) but I have access to the detail of ...Read more

Dailymotion API PHP Upload with Geoblocking

i'm try to write dailymotion api upload php codei'm use example code from's work greatand i want add Geoblocking only allow Japanthis is my coderequire_once 'Dailymotion.php';// Account settings$apiKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';$apiSecret = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';$testUser = '';$testPassword = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';$videoTestFile = 'C:/output.mp4';// Scopes you need to run your tests$scopes = array( 'userinfo', 'feed', 'manage_videos',);// Dailymotion obje...Read more

Dailymotion Graph API Search string

I am unable to get Dailymotion Graph API to do a search on a multiple word term. For example: still search on each word separately.If I &sort=relevance, then it is fine, but if I'd like to sort differently, it will pull titles with only the word "national" in them, and not restrict to the full term. Their own Graph API tool mimics this: almost seems like it is a bug, but prolly I'm just n...Read more

how to get thumbnail url with Dailymotion api just after a video is uploaded

I am trying to retrieve “thumbnail_url” with using API after I just uploaded a video.However, “thumbnail_url” I retrieved is always this URL “H” or “H” (when I used oEmbed API).On the other hand, I am able to get “thumbnail_url”that I wanted when I put the URL into the address bar in the browser manually like following URL.H question is;Is there time lag or does Dailymotion API need more time to generate a thumbnail...Read more

Search limit with Dailymotion API

I want to use Dailymotion API in order to search videos. I have read the documentation and I have not found any answer to my question.Are there limits with the search query Dailymotion API ?"While some basic features are available without authentication, you will need to register yourself as a developer in order to perform more elaborate API calls, authenticate users and act on their behalf."Is the "search videos" a basic feature ?Thank you very much...Read more

How to replace an existing video in Dailymotion API?

I'm building an app using Dailymotion API official python sdk writing video CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) simply.Create, Read, Delete were succeccfully completed, but encountering a weird response of the API about "Update".Here is a simplified snippet of my code in my Django project,def update(request, video_id): user = request.user video = get_object_or_404(Video, pk=video_id) file_path = # define file_path from uploaded file object i...Read more

Dailymotion PHP API Video Upload

I hope I am not submitting a duplicate question, but I have not been able to find an answer to what I want to do.I have a script to authenticate an API for login to link a users account on one web site to their Dailymotion Account. But I am not finding a way to upload a video to that users account without passing their Dailymotion username and password, which I do not want to try to capture on our system.Does anyone have an example of a PHP script to pass a token back and the parameters I need to pass to Dailymotion?I simply want to be able to...Read more