customization - ADF create form with combo box

I'm starting with Oracle ADF and JDeveloper. I'm doing some basic tutorials first.From the HR database schema, I'm trying this exercise: create a new location, but in CountryId attribute, show all countries list.This is more user-friendly, so the user can select Italy instead of typing IT .For this, I'm doing this steps:In Locations view , choose CountryId attribute and create a LOV. This one must read from CountriesView1, with value CountryId attribute, and show CountryName attribute.Drop LocationsView1 in a page and select ADF Form.Select Cou...Read more

customization - Can I customize azure service fabric vm nodes?

I would like to leverage reliable actor model in the azure service fabric. Our actor model computation requires specific software installed on the vm node. Can I have custom software installed (on top of the azure service fabric software) in the vm nodes so that I can leverage this software in the actor model computation? As part of the my actor model deployment into azure service fabric, can I author this custom software installation into it? Is this how it should be done? Or are there any other ways? Or is it even possible?Raghu/.....Read more

customization - How to manage Roles in Ckan 2+

I've installed CKAN 2.2 and now I try to manage my organizations users and have a coherant workflow so i search how to manage roles (add new ones, what options are avaiable, delete etc.).On google, I've find a possible way by using the "paster" command but that was only doable for versions 1.9 and less.I never used an API before and i tried to used the CKAN one, but I do not find in the latest guide a way to do what I want.I hope you'll help me,potatoe...Read more

customization - Setting weekend or holiday strategy while scheduling quartz scheduler

We are using quartz for scheduling the batch jobs. We are trying to apply weekend or holiday strategy for the job triggers. Looking at the quartz implementation, it was easy to implement weekend strategy using calendar(s), however for holiday implementation. If holiday(s) are defined well in advance before the job creation, it would be easy to handle along with weekend(s) in custom calendars. But, if holidays can be created dynamically, and the strategy to be applied at runtime, I thought it would be better if we handle this in CronTrigger,...Read more

customization - Odoo (OpenERP) custom field error

I've added a custom field to the Invoice model called x_contract_currency_rate which is a float field. I've added the field into the view and it's working OK on existing invoices.If I try to add a new invoice it throws me the error below and the invoice form will not load. As far as I can tell it's got something to do with the field's default value, but I have not set a default nor do I see an option to do so.Odoo Server Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/odoo/openerp/", line 518, in _handle_exception return super(Jso...Read more

customization - Hybris Custom WSDTO on hybris product data

Hi I had created eProductForm bean in the commerecefacades-beans.xml I added custom attribute of ProductData.<bean class=""><property name="eProductForm" type="String"/> </bean>then in commercewebservice-beans.xml, I added the custom attribute of ProductWsDTO<bean class="de.hybris.platform.commercewebservicescommons.dto.product.ProductWsDTO"><property name="eProductForm" type="String"/></bean>from SearchResultProductPopulator populated productdata ...Read more

customization - how to replace a <t> tag on a kanban template? Odoo 10 enterprice

I try to use xpath to replace a tag. But it did not work, I don't know what is wrong? I just want to remove the condition t-if="record.planned_revenue.raw_value". I tried with this post: code hereand they did not work as my expectation.This is the original template:<record id="crm_case_kanban_view_leads" model="ir.ui.view"> <field name="name">...Read more

customization - Creating Custom QR Code (Snapchat, Messenger)

A Chinese social app "Wechat" created a custom qr Code and that idea brought to west by "snapchat" and now Facebook is also utilizing it. I Know there are guidelines to create a QR Code and these guys customized it based on there needs. I was looking for help in the same path to create my own Customized QR Codes.Solution Required: Snapchat, Messenger style barcode/qrcode reader and writer.Please share your thoughts or if there is any opensource script....Read more

customization - How to change Facebook iOS SDK's done button color when login?

My app use white UITabBarItem text color and orange UINavigationBar BarTintColor, when click the Login button added from Facebook SDK, it will popup a webview for login.but the topbar background color always light gray, if I change the UITabBarItem color, other view will all changed, How can I only custom the button color in Facebook login view or change the navbar background color?...Read more

customization - Build custom Metric for Loss Function with Keras, with errors

I'm trying to write custom metric function to set in the compile step wrote in this way:self.model.compile(optimizer=sgd,loss='categorical_crossentropy',metrics=[self.dice_similarity_coefficient_metric,self.positive_predictive_value_metric,self.sensitivity_metric])I wrote Dice Similarity Coefficient, Positive Predictive Value and Similarity in this way:FP = false positive TP = true positive FN = false negative def dice_similarity_coefficient_metric(self, y_true, y_pred): y_true = np.array(K.eval(y_true)) y_pred = np.array(K.eval(y...Read more

Alfresco Share Customization Limitations

We have chosen Alfresco for our project because Alfresco meets most of the functional requirements we need.Share is a great app, nevertheless it has too much functionality for our scenario, much more than we need in our project. This is the reason of posting this question, we don't know what's the best option: either customize Share creating custom pages, custom dashboard, custom actions and metadata etc. or create a new web application that interacts with the repository.Roughly, we have these requirements:Custom header with custom menu, disabl...Read more