use custom fonts in tilemill?

It seems like this can be done... but all the suggestions I've seen online aren't working for me. I have a customFont.ttf tile that I'm putting in this dir: 'home/greg/Documents/MapBox/project/myproject/customFont.ttf'Then I'm using this code: Map { font-directory: url(customFont.ttf); }or Map { font-directory: url(''); }or Map { font-directory: url(fonts/customFont.ttf); }but nothing is working. I just get en error message such as:"Invalid value for text-face-name, the type font is expected. comicSansMs, Arial Regular (of type string) was gi...Read more

CSS custom font: <b> works but font-weight:bold does not

Hello I added a custom font in my css like this:@font-face { font-family: dosis; src: url(Dosis-Regular.otf); font-weight:normal;}@font-face { font-family: dosis; src: url(Dosis-SemiBold.otf); font-weight:bold;}It works like this:<b> This appears bold </b>But not like this:p{font-weight:bold;} /* in CSS file */<p> This does not appear bold </p> /* in HTML file */Do you have any idea what could be the problem?...Read more