- Modifying Cruise Control.NET

We are investigating using CruiseControl.NET as both a Continues Integration build provider, as well as automating the first part of our deployment process.Has anyone modified CruiseControl.NET's dashboard to add custom login and user roles (IE, Separate out access to forcing a build to only certain individuals on a per project basis?The dashboard is a .NET App, but I believe it uses the nVelocity view engine instead of web forms, which I don't have experience with.Can you mix nVelocity and Webforms,or do I need to spend a day learning somethin...Read more

code coverage - Make OpenCover reports available in CruiseControl.NET

I'm trying to integrate OpenCover with CruiseControl.NET. At this point I've modified by build system so it runs my nunit tests under OpenCover. I then generate Xml and Html reports from those using ReportGenerator.Assuming it's possible to integrate the reports generated by ReportGenerator into the CruiseControl.NET webapp, how do I integrate the two?NCover has it's own NCoverReporting task that can be used, but as I'm not running NCover I can't compare its output with the XML reports generated by OpenCover.Related thoughts / questions:OpenCov...Read more - PartCover with msTest in Cruise control .net

Can anybody tell me how to use partcover in Cruise control .net along with mstest,I have done that but i am getting an error errorMSB3073: The command "C:\Program Files\PartCover\PartCover .NET 4.0\PartCover.exe --target=${nunitExePath} --target-work-dir=D:\Demo_Project\ --target-args=D:\DEMO\TestProject\bin\Debug\TestProject.dll --include=[LaTrompa]* --output=${partCoverReportPath}\${projectTests}-Results.xml" exited with code 9009.I have used following command in msbuild<PropertyGroup><partCoverReportPath>D:\BuildReports\PartCove...Read more

CruiseControl.Net failing with exception when trying to create VM from template

I have inherited support of a product which after 2.5 years without issues is now throwing the following exception: "ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.CruiseControlException: Error creating VM [Unable to create VM based on [Template_VS2013]. Error: The specified key, name, or identifier 'Template_VS2013' already exists.]"I have no direct access to the production environment but it appears that there the key and name do not actually already exist. I inherited some support documentation which states that this error is caused by lack of space on the...Read more - Dynamic number of MSBuild tasks

In CC project config file I have many MSBuild tasks. Each task is used to build one solution.Problem is that this requires maintenance if this CC config file each time when new project is added to / deleted from repository.My idea is to pass to the CC dynamic list of solutions that should be build and execute build one by one as it is done now with "static / old fashion" maintenance of config file.Does anyone prepare already such configuration?...Read more - Conditional force build publisher CCnet fails

I have two build projects. lets call them project A and project A.pack. When I force build project A it asks me for Boolean parameter if I want to build project A.pack. But I can't make in publishers block of project A a correct way to force build the project A.pack. I use conditional task but it doesn't work. In log file ccnet writes only that it fails on conditional task. What a usual way to do this in ccnet? Update:Sorry for my English. It's not my first language.What I wanted to do is this:In project A I added Boolean parameter:<booleanP...Read more

CruiseControl.NET and Visual Studio Async CTP

I have been signed a task to set up CruiseControl.NET for our project. Everything went fine until I stomped on the fact that we were using Async CTP. My questions are following:Are there any options for calling Async CTP build machine other than through Visual Studio? (Do the preprocessing manually without using VS.)How to force CruiseControl.NET to build a project with Async CTP?...Read more - prevent forcing the build when other build in progress using

I have a requirement to not to trigger the build when the other project is in progress:<cb:config-template xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder"> <project name="prj1" queue="Q1" queuePriority="1"> </project> <project name="prj2" queue="Q1" queuePriority="2"> </project> <project name="prj3" queue="Q1" queuePriority="3"> </project> <project name="prj4" queue="Q1" queuePriority="4"> </project></cb:config-template>Consider build for prj4 is inProgress, when I force th...Read more - CCTray WinLogin authentication using ldap security

I have (v. 1.8.3) and CCTray (also v. 1.8.3) installed and LDAP security set up. However, when I add my build server to CCTray and select WinLogin authentication, no builds show up, and I get a login failed notification in the CCNet logs.If I change the authentication to username/password, it works as I'd expect, however, when closing and restarting CCTray, builds show up as unknown status until I go into configuration to give things a kick. I'd also like to get the AD authentication working without manually specifying username and passw...Read more - HTTP 500 response connecting CCTray to CC.NET server via dashboard via RawXmlMessage.aspx

I'm using CC.NET 1.6 server and its corresponding CCTray connecting happily via remoting but need to change to use the dashboard connection via HTTP so that I can start farming the URL out to developers.Putting my dashboard URL into CCTray:http://localhost/CruiseControl/server/local/ViewServerReport.aspxResults in CCTray returningFailed to connect to server: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.If I check my IIS logs, I can see the request was turned into a POST to this location and the log confirms the 500 response....Read more - CCtray unable to connect to dashboard

I am using CCnet 1.6 and cctray 1.6. On the build server, the tray works properly using localhost. Remotely though, I am not able to connect the tray to the dashboard. The dashboard URL works great, but when I put that into the cctray settings, I get a 500 internal server error.This worked up until I had to move CCnet from defaultwebsite to its own. Did I miss something when I changed it over?Thanks,Joe...Read more