How to add 'Add to Wallet' button to website to add coupons to Apple Wallet and Google Pay accounts

First off, I don't even know where to begin with this. I've tried reading through the documentation from Apple and Google, but still don't have the right answers. My client already displays coupons on their site, which their customers either print or take a screenshot on their phone, to bring into the store to scan for the discount to be applied. They would now like to add the 'Add to Wallet' button to their coupon page so that the user can just add the coupon to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay account. What steps are involved to do this? I un...Read more

Apple Wallet Coupon example create fail

Since I success create a boarding pass using C# in, I going to try difference type of pass such coupon and event pass. When I try to create a Coupon pass in .net, it became fail. At first, I believe is my wrong of my coding, I go to try all the creation step in mac with Terminal with this doc. However the answer is Fail, the coupon pass cannot create successful, event I using those example provided by Apple himself (developer downloads area). Any one know what happen is it?...Read more

Where does a customer enter coupon code 2checkout?

I want to add coupons on my live site but before I do that I am testing the coupons on my sandbox. I have created coupons in the 2checkout admin area. According to the documentation, a customer enters the coupon code after being redirected to the 2checkout site. However, I only see the pop up but i don't see any area to enter coupon code.What gives? <form class="form-horizontal form" action="<?php echo $action;?>" method="post"> <div class="panel panel-primary"> <div class="panel-heading"><strong>...Read more