leverage - Useless Opportunities in Cortex-Plus - Rol

I am getting ready to run the second session of my Leverage game. One thing I have noticed is that when the GM rolls a 1, it provides the players with an Opportunity. The only use I can find for an Opportunity is that they are required to trigger some Traits.In my 2-player game, neither PC has a Trait triggered by an Opportunity. It seems that I am missing something? These 1s mean something story-wise, but they do not contribute to the main economy of Plot Points at all. This means that the 1s I roll become meaningless.Is there something I am m...Read more

cortex plus - Two-Player Leverage - Rol

I'm preparing to run a game of Leverage. It will be my first time running Leverage, but not my first time running a Cortex-Plus game as I've run some Marvel Heroic Roleplaying too. The problem is, I'm going to be running this game with only 2 players. The typical team for Leverage is 5 PCs, each PC filling the primary roles of the game and show:Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, and Mastermind.One of my players is willing to play 2 characters, one is not. I would prefer that each player get to concentrate on a single character. So each player can ...Read more

cortex plus - What do I need to play Firefly: Echoes of War? - Rol

I've recently found out about the yet unreleased Firefly RPG. What's currently available are Echoes of War: Serenity Crew and a handful of adventures. It is clearly stated that "Serenity Crew" is necessary for any of the adventures to be functional.What's not clear to me is: is it sufficient? Besides one of the adventures and "Serenity Crew", what else do I need to play "Firefy: Echoes of War"?I found no separate Cortex Plus core rulebook, so I'm hoping these two would suffice....Read more

cortex plus - Are callbacks once per session, or once per session for each previous Episode? - Rol

On page 256 of the core rulebook it says: You can only use a callback once per Episode, but at the end of each Episode, the callbacks refresh. You are then free to use them again in the next Episode.It says you only get one callback per Episode but I'm not sure if that's referring to once per the Episode actually being played or once per Episode that has previously passed. The first phrase seems to refer to the current Episode, not each previous episode that is listed in your sheet, but then it says “callbacks” and “them”, plural, which sugg...Read more

cortex plus - SFXs that step-up d12s from the Doom Pool - Rol

Several SFX involve taking a die from the Doom Pool and adding it to your pool, then steping it up and returning it to the Doom Pool.For example: SFX: Berserk. Add a die from the doom pool to one or more attack actions. Step up the doom pool die by +1 for each action; return it to the doom pool when you’re done. SFX: Eye of Agamotto. Add a doom die to your next action including an Arsenal of the Herald or Master of the Druidic Ways power. After your action, step up the doom die and return it to the doom pool.What if that Doom die is a d...Read more

cortex plus - How to curb Advancement in MHRP - Rol

I'm a little confused about how character advancement is supposed to work in Marvel Heroic. The core philosophy is that heroes are meant to start powerful and stay about the same power level throughout their careers. Instead of getting harder, better, faster, stronger, they're just supposed to change (e.g. when Spidey gets the Venom symbiote). How do we do this? What Watcher resources are there to make sure this "Sideways Advancement" occurs?The book suggests that players are meant to pick up a new Datafile each Event, and plenty of Unlockables...Read more

cortex plus - How is an NPC acting against passive resistance resolved? - Rol

I'm the GM in a game of Cortex Plus Dramatic loosely based on the core rules of Smallville RPG. A question posed by one of my players has me wondering how NPCs (Features or Extras) resolve passive resistance: How do NPCs act against passive resistance?The specific question involves a Lead building a pit-trap that an NPC would fall into later. I can have the Lead roll against the Trouble pool to create the trap, but once built, how do I have the NPCs roll to avoid or notice it? I can make it a Contest between the Extra (using the Trouble poo...Read more

cortex plus - How is an emptied Doom Pool handled? - Rol

I occasionally get overzealous spending dice from the doom pool, occasionally spending every last die. I don't recall any rules for handling the "emptying" of the doom pool, where there are no dice left after a given roll.Is there a way to handle this situation? Is there something I'm doing incorrectly that leads the game into this state, some rule I've forgotten to apply that prevents the doom pool from ever running empty?...Read more

cortex plus - How does the "spotlight method" of recovering trauma work? - Rol

I'm looking at page OM28 here: If you don’t relish the idea of sitting out an entire Act or it doesn’t make sense in the story for the Watcher to skip ahead several weeks in a single Transition Scene, you can opt for the spotlight route. The Watcher frames an Action Scene featuring your hero in which your trauma makes things worse for you, i.e., it’s used against you in the opposition dice pools.I'm not sure what this extra action scene should entail. If only the affected hero is involved, then the rest of the heroes are going to be stuck wait...Read more

cortex plus - When a villain grandstands, what is he rolling against? - Rol

From OM15: The Watcher may add to the doom pool directly by spending effect dice from a villain’s action, rather than inflicting stress or creating a complication. This represents the villain causing general chaos and mayhem, threatening innocent bystanders, or grandstanding. I can see general chaos coming from a villain acting against a hero (villain attacks hero, smashes hero into terrain feature, setting things on fire in the process), but if a villain wants to do an action that doesn't target a specific hero, what happens? Heroes can roll ...Read more