corporate acquisition - Why did ESL need to pay $5.2Billion for Sears Holdings?

Related to this question. Yes, I know that the operations of a big company isn't directly related to personal finance, but understanding this seems an important part of investing, for instance SHLD is a stock a person might "invest" in, and knowing why it is priced the way and why companies do the things they do can help to avoid misconceptions that can affect one's personal finances when investing.My question is this - why did Eddie Lampert through his ESL hedge fund need to pay $5.2 billion dollars for Sears? The price of SHLD is, at the ti...Read more

corporate acquisition - Is it better to ask for a raise before a spin-off / merger or after?

I work for a company that was just bought (and merged) a little while ago, and now that parent company is planning to spin us off into our own company again. Since I'm not entirely sure of everything involved in a spin-off, should I wait until after the spin-off to ask for a raise or should I ask right away?If I should wait, how long? I'm not a good negotiator, but I'm a great researcher and strategist. I'm attempting to use as many beneficial parameters as possible.Just from assumptions I would guess that before the spin-off more money would b...Read more

corporate acquisition - why is minority interest included in enterprise value?

Per Investopedia ( Value = (market capitalization) + (value of debt) + (minority interest) + (preferred shares) - (cash and cash equivalents)I understand why debt and preferred shares would be counted in EV (and cash/cash equivalents counted against it) since EV represents a theoretical takeover cost.However, I don't understand why minority interest would be added to EV. The value of such shares would already be included in market capitalization....Read more

corporate acquisition - Why do big companies buy out sinking ships? (closing/bankrupt companies)

Hoping I'm in the right place to ask this question.Why do companies like Starbucks buy Teavana for 650m and then close all the stores? Razer buying the flunked Ouya then terminating all of Ouya's operations. Sears bought Kmart which had been losing money for ages.Seems like a waste of money to do such a thing so I'm guessing they're gaining something the outsider can't see? What is it?Could it be because said sinking ships could hold out for years, competing against the buyer? Perhaps it's cheaper for the buyer to just eliminate them NOW....Read more