content replication - What is the best way to save values (like strings) for later use? - TeX

I'm fairly new to LaTeX and I'm struggling with something apparently simple, but for which I can't find a fair solution.The problem (simplified) is as follows (please take care terms used may not have the traditional meaning in LaTeX):I need to references to files (many) throughout a text. As example, the files: "C:/Work/this_file1.c", "C:/MoreWork/this_file1.c" and "D:/MoreWork/another_file2.h".So, now I would like to create an "alias" to each directory and each name file so I can reference them. A "pseudocode" could be:% Definition\alias \c_d...Read more

content replication - Transform existing text into blind text or gibberish keeping format (wireframing) - TeX

Suppose I have a document that took me a while to design and write. Now I want to show someone the overall format and length of the document but I don't want this person to read or even be distracted by the actual content. How can I change the text to remove content but keep more or less the same format?One option would be to go through the whole document and replace invididual text chunks by carefully measured lipsums. But that it is lot of work.Another option is to simply replace letter by letter in the content (not in the commands of course)...Read more

content replication - Include excerpts from a document in another document - TeX

I have a manuscript and its revision report. I need to put some sentences of this manuscript to the revision report as excerpts. Instead of defining excerpts as macros or putting the excerpts in another file and then including them, is there a better solution to use the text of the manuscript in the revision report?I expect a solution like:Contents of manuscript.tex:...Pragraph is starting.\begin{externalize}[excerpt1]Part that must be both in the manuscript and the revision report.\end{externalize}Paragraph ends....Contents of revisionReport.t...Read more