content management system - Cant get Multiple Nodes in AEM 6.1

We have recently upgraded from AEM 5.6.1 to AEM 6.1 and our certain piece code given below has suddenly stopped working. In brief, we have been using the Node API to get child nodes of a particular node and then processing on it, but in AEM 6.1, it seems getNodes() method returns nothing and only getNode() seem to work. Has anyone else also faced the same and have any solution for it?if (jobAdNode.hasNode(PARSYS_NODE_REL_PATH)) { Node parsysNode = jobAdNode.getNode(PARSYS_NODE_REL_PATH); NodeIterator textNodeItr = parsysNo...Read more

aem - AEM6 CQ how to handle Component Development and Content Authoring happening at the same time?

I just started at my new job and found myself right in the middle of a big project using Adobe AEM CQ, which I've never used before. Currently there are developers creating and tweaking components while content authors are busy authoring about 65 pages of content using those components.Obviously, every time a component changes someone needs to update all the authored content with the new component changes. This is a huge time-waster as it seems like the only way to do this is through a custom made script that looks for nodes in the xml files an...Read more

content management system - excluding some js file from minification in

I have a osgi config settings for config\ follows:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><jcr:root xmlns:sling="" xmlns:jcr="" jcr:primaryType="sling:OsgiConfig" htmllibmanager.minify="{Boolean}true" htmllibmanager.debug="{Boolean}false" htmllibmanager.gzip="{Boolean}false" htmllibmanager.timing="{Boolean}false" />however, I want some files not be minifyed. How can I do that ?...Read more

content management system - How do AEM 6.1 components share context/data for requests

Trying to build an authenticated page with components that request data about the authenticated user from a backend service. The idea is that the authN response from the backend be as light as possible (e.g. a userID and authToken) and the components on the page would use those to make subsequent calls to retrieve further details, but I'm not quite sure the best way to share that data/context for all components on the page to access.What's the best way to have that context shared?...Read more

content management system - how to refresh a page of full data population automatically

I have a list of data which are been read from an xml file(in dam) in a component and suppose get populated in the entire page. As soon as I read the file in the component, it refreshes the page due to editConfig setting, however, in order see the full data the page(read from xml), I have to do a manual refresh again in the browser.Is there a way to automate the entire process such that manual refresh can be done away with.Here is the editConfig setting:<jcr:root xmlns:cq="" xmlns:jcr=""...Read more

content management system - AEM: how to pass current page path from jsp to dialog

I have a country selection drop-down which I am populating from a servlet using a selector:Currently I am passing the locale as a request parameter.options="/bin/services/dropdownservlet.GET_DROPDOWN_VALUES.json?locale=$PATH"Now I want to pass a locale as another selector. For this I am thinking of an approach to get the currentPage.path from the jsp to dialog and pass it as a 2nd selector. How can I do that ?options="/bin/services/dropdownservlet.GET_DROPDOWN_VALUES.CURRENTPATH"Is there a way that I should be able to get the page path in my se...Read more

content management system - Shopify Liquid - if product.template contains

I am trying to retrieve the template for a specific product while NOT on the product template page. I am on the collection page and am trying to adjust the Quick shop feature to only show the add to cart for products no associated with a custom template. For example, I've assigned a 'consultation' template to a group of products. However because I am no longer on the product template page, the Quick shop doesn't recognize the consultation product. Any ideas on how I can make this work other than using tags, types and collections?Thank you!!...Read more

content management system - CMS: Automatically Adding Child Pages into Navigation / Sidebar

I am currently maintaining a section in one of our clients' website. It's fairly simple: one parent page and multiple child pages. The parent displays all the links to the child pages; and, once you are on one of the sub-pages, there will be a sidebar that lists all the links to the other (sibling) pages.This actually requires frequent updates: the client wants to add a new child page some time to time. Thus, they'd need to (i) add a new link on the parent page, (ii) create a new child page, and (iii) add a new link to the sidebar.I am sure thi...Read more

content management system - TinyMCE bug with block elements

I have a problem with TinyMCE:I need to get this code:<blockquote> <h2>REVOLUTIONARY QUOTE RELATING MANIFESTO TO PROJECT GOES HERE</h2> <hr/> <p>Erik Heinsholt</p></blockquote>TinyMCE settings:valid_elements: "a[href|target|title],ul,ol,li,br,strong/b,em/i,span[style<text-decoration: underline;|class],u,p,blockquote,hr,h2",force_br_newlines: false,force_p_newlines: true,theme_advanced_buttons1: "undo,redo,|,bold,italic,underline,|,hr,code,preview, styleselect",schema: "html5",style_formats :...Read more

content management system - CMS/framework for research / scientific analysis

I'm going to be starting a few projects and papers soon with 3 others, and I'd like some central web-based tool that we can collaborate (and publish, blog-like) on our research.I've thought about using something simple like wordpress, but that doesn't really add much richness to the information.A few things that we might need are:blog posts (publicly visible),Project/experiment journal (logged-in only) where we could document raw data, perhaps tabulated,MAYBE graphing this data, that would be cool,uploading files, with notes on them (photos, fo...Read more

migration - EPiServer migrate content from home grown CMS

Hopefully someone can help me, I'm new to EPiServer and have been given a data migration task. We are using the latest version 8.5. I need to migrate content from a clients home grown CMS (that luckily is in a tree like structure) to EPiServer. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information about this on the web - perhaps I just don't know the right thing to search for.It looks like using the EPiServer.ServiceApi might be the route to go but again locating useful documentation is proving difficult.I was thinking of setting up the client CM...Read more