connectiq - Change icon for recorded activity from custom app in History list

I have made my own Connect IQ app for my Garmin Forerunner watch. I have changed the LauncherIcon to my own image instead of the default IQ-icon. My app uses ActivityRecording so the activity can be saved to the list of activities in History. However, in this list the icon for the activity is just "IQ". Is it possible to change this to a custom image? Otherwise, I won't be able to tell the activities from custom apps apart....Read more

connectiq - Rendering an animated GIF in Garmin Connect IQ

According to the documentation ( the resource compiler supports GIF as Bitmap. However, when I display a GIF file, I just get a still picture, and the GIF doesn't move.The GIF I have been testing with is this: I have saved the gif in the drawables folder (I use the ConnectIQ-plugin for Eclipse).I have tried to include the Bitmap in the layouts resources as:<layout id="MainLayout">...Read more

connectiq - Const keyword not recognized by MonkeyC

I am building project in monkeyc (ConnectIq) from Garmin in Eclipse, and I want to use const instead of var in my code, but it seems that the const keyword is not recognized by the compiler. What could be wrong? My code is: const PI = 3.14;Compiler complain like this:BUILD: ERROR: C:\Path:155 missing '}' at 'const'If I change const to var, everything goes well. Where can be a problem? From Garmin documentation MonkeyC should haveconst keyword....Read more

How to have settings for connectiq watch-app

According to app settings should show up in the mobile viewer, but I do not see them. I'm trying to write a watch-app with settings, and have created resources/settings/settings.xml and resources/settings/properties.xml, but neither the windows desktop based nor the android connect allow me to modify the settings. I can modify it via the simulator.Is there anything I'm missing? Or is this a non supported feature?...Read more