Use bash in conky.config

You can use bash code, and call bash scripts, in conky.text. Is there any way to use it in conky.config?The reason I want this is to have window specifications depending on whether I have an external monitor connected or not.So I want logic similar to this:if xrandr -q | grep -oP 'HDMI2\sconnected' > /dev/null ; then x=-900else x=0figap_x=$x...Read more

Is there a textual version of Conky?

Is there a way to run conky in the terminal? I don't care about the graphics but I would like to have a window in screen that would effectively run as my 'conky' and display conky-like stats/scripts etc. If this isn't possible, are there alternatives that do what I'm asking?I found this Conky interface post which uses the out_to_console option. I don't really consider this a solution as I'm looking for something ncurses based....Read more

conky - No Errors but still not drawing anything

This Conky Config that I like a lot had a couple of issues when I tried to run it : Old Syntax: downloaded Conky converter and changed some variable names by hand as well which fixed itMissing some endif: I managed to find where it is, put it in there and fixedNow Conky doesn't complain about anything but I still don't see it rendering anything, any help with figuring out what is the issue would be much appreciated.The new config after the 2 steps mentioned above:conky.config = {-- By Jesse_Avalos , See me on Eye Candy Linux_ on Google +backgr...Read more

Conky how to show desktop edition

Is there a way to get Conky to show your Desktop Edition? (Mate, Openbox, etc...)I have looked around on this site, AskUbuntu, Google (naturally), and many forums. not looking for code, just an answer or direction to find said info.Thanks in advance....Read more

language - Display Chinese and English Characters Conky

So I'm trying to add kind of a word of the day thing to conky, but with Chinese words. There's a few ways I've tried this and with no success.I have my words saved in a csv file formatted like电脑,dia4nna3o,computerIn conky I've tried running${exec mycommand}Where mycommand has been several things:1) Writing a python script that will print out a random line. Results in nothing (works in bash)2) A bash script that echos the a random line. Results in nothing (works in bash)3) Trying to convert the output from one of the above to an image and then d...Read more

Conky above full screen

I would like to run an instance of conky on top, that is, to always be visible. I tried to use own_window yesown_window_type normalown_window_class conkyown_window_transparent noown_window_hints undecorate,above,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pagerI don't know what all these commands means but it works (partially).The problem is that it is not visible if I am using a pdf in full screen mode, like slides during a presentation.How can I do this? ps: I'm trying to run it to show a small clock to have time control during the presentation....Read more

How to do math manipulation with variables in conky?

This is part of my conky code.conky.config = { alignment = 'top_right', background = true, color2 = '2ECC71', cpu_avg_samples = 2, default_color = 'FFFFFF', double_buffer = true, font = 'Bitstream Vera Sans:size=8', gap_x = 25, gap_y = 13, minimum_width = 230, no_buffers = true, own_window = true, own_window_type = 'override', own_window_transparent = true, update_interval = 1.0, use_xft = true,}${voffset 20}${goto 40}${color e19e19}${cpugraph 14, $minimum_width e19e19 ffffff}${goto 40}${color}CPU...Read more