compiling - Complete previous typeset when re-typesetting in TexShop - TeX

It is really annoying when a typesetting error happens in TexShop. It presents you a console and from there you can go to the error. After you fix the error you re-typeset and then boom — you are screwed because TexShop messed up the aux file (most likely).This does not happen when you complete the typesetting by entering x into the console. But when you do this the console disappears (behind the pdf if you have a small display and everything is on top of one another) and you cannot go to error easily.Is it possible to tell TexShop to complete ...Read more

compiling - File ended while scanning use of \@writefile - TeX

My problem is that if I try to recompile a text after correction of some mistake, e.g. missing "}", the I get a messageRunaway argument?{\contentsline {figure}{\numberline {\relax 3.9}{\ignorespaces ! File ended while scanning use of \@writefile. \par l.128 \begin{document}Then I delete the *.aux file and other auxiliary files and so I can recompile without any problem. Howewer if again I get a mistake, compile the text,get an error message, stop compiling, fix an error in the text and try to recompile, again I will get the same...Read more

compiling - Variability in the line spacing of paragraph breaks? - TeX

Don't know how to describe my problem properly, but there seems to be a variablility in the line spacing of paragraph breaks, with my settings or generally or anything. Since I don't know what is effecting this, I copied just some lines of the preamble, which might have some relevance to the problem and two screenshots, where you can see, what I mean. \documentclass[paper=15cm:23cm, headinclude=true, draft]{scrbook}\renewcommand{\footnotesize}{\fontsize{8.0pt}{9.5pt}\selectfont}\renewcommand{\normalsize}{\fontsize{9.7pt}{10.5pt}\selectfont}\are...Read more

Compiling whole report - TeX

I have a report seperated into many tex-files. I have 2 questions:Is it possible to see just one tex-file in pdf? How can I do it?How can I compile the whole report and the associated tex-files in just one click? Now I need to compile a underlaying document, then the whole report to see the pdf in the latest version.Thanks!...Read more

compiling - Removing the "ARTICLE HISTORY COMPILED (date)" from the latex of my article - TeX

I have written my article with a template that was provided by the editor. In this template, whenever you run the latex file, the compiled history will be written. However, now the editor has asked me to delete this. I have searched the internet and also have tried \date{} but no useful results are seen. The issue is shown in the following image. Thanks in advanceThe link of the templateI have found the command in the style.cls that brings this extra information but I dont know how to eliminate it from the cls file. The part that is written ART...Read more

compiling - mail merge and create multiple pdfs - TeX

I have a .csv file called sbriefdata with some data in it, for exampleA;B;10C;D;20E;F;30G;H;40and I want a separate .pdf file for each of the rows in the .csv file. I know how to do a mail merge by reading the data and I know how to create separate .pdf files from this question (I use the solution provided by Ulrike Fischer). However, I am unable to combine these two features to get what I want. I tried \documentclass{article}\newif\ifmore \moretrue\def\chopline#1;#2;#3\\{\def\name{#1}\def\vorname{#2}\def\punkte{#3}}\begin{document}\newread\dat...Read more

compiling - Use of the subfiles package results in a compilation error, due to the compiler erroneously parsing a commented-out "\end{document}" - TeX

I have the following two files in a folder:mymainfile.tex:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{subfiles}\begin{document}%\end{document}\subfile{mysubfile.tex}\end{document}mysubfile.tex:\documentclass[mymainfile.tex]{subfiles}\begin{document}hello\end{document}Compiling mymainfile.tex (using pdflatex) works fine, and includes the contents of mysubfile.tex, as it should. However, compiling mysubfile.tex on its own leads to the following error description:! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanatio...Read more

compiling - How to check successful compilation in PDFLaTeX? - TeX

I want to develop a pre-commit hook for my LaTeX Git repository.I need the hook to suppress the commit in case the compilation finishes unsuccessfully (missing packages OR missing source files OR missing images OR no PDF generated -anything else I forgot?).Is there a standard way of checking the compilation status (success/failed) I could use for my hook?I use my own script where I generate document history from Git tags, run a few pdflatex commands, and clean the intermediate files. I run it under Win10, MikTeX, but want to make the h...Read more

compiling - for shell script containing the whole latex document, adding a file name choosing capability - TeX

I ran across this post Possible to have a shell script containing the whole LaTeX document?The solution in that post works perfectly as written. However I wanted to be able to choose the name of the files it produces at run time by using a shell variable $1 so I could choose the filename at the command line upon invocation of the script. So I tried to replace the filename myfile.tex with $1.tex throughout the shell script:#!/bin/bash# Create a temporary directorycurdir=$( pwd )tmpdir=$( mktemp -dt "latex.XXXXXXXX" )# Set up a trap to clean u...Read more

compiling - Is it possible to pass "draft" option to documentclass with arara? - TeX

I have this document:% arara: pdflatex\documentclass[11pt, openright, % draft ]{book}\begin{document}Something\end{document}If I want both the final version and the draft one, I have to run arara once, rename the output pdf, uncomment draft, and run arara again.Is it possible to do something like:% arara: pdflatex% arara: pdflatex { pass-this-option-to-documentclass : draft , call-the-doc : _draft}\documentclass[11pt, openright, ]{book}\begin{document}Something\end{document}And get both draft pdf and final one in one run?...Read more

compiling - Use arara with continuous compilation (with vimtex) - TeX

I've been using vimtex with latexmk to typeset my LaTeX documents for a while now.But I'm trying to use arara for a new project, as one of the team members suggested to use it.Since I always use (Neo)vim with vimtex to typeset documents, I looked up on a documentation and voila!vimtex does support arara.I addedlet g:vimtex_compiler_method = 'arara'and saw that \ll works to compile the document.However I noticed it won't automatically compile the documents when I save the file using :w, and won't even clean the project files with \lc.I then foun...Read more

compiling - select variable to compile one of multi tex file - TeX

I have multi file text: Main, Main01, main02, Main03...main10How can I open only one window of main.tex and select one parameter to compile main01 or main02 or main03. and then receive created pdf of main01, or main02, or main03 in same window of Main.texNote: main01.tex, main02.tex...can compile alone (with begin/end{document} inside) Example: In Main.tex:%%%Please select one file to compile:\select{main03.tex}…And main03.pdf is created.Thank you in advance...Read more

compiling - Force catchfilebetweentags to fail upon missing tag - TeX

When moving code around different files during refactoring it would be nice if catchfilebetweentags could raise a compilation error when the target tag does not exist.At the moment it silently succeeds without inserting anything in the target document which makes it hard to track down the errors.MWE: empty aux.tex and the following main.tex file:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{catchfilebetweentags}\begin{document}\section{Please grab this non-existing tag}\ExecuteMetaData[aux.tex]{missingtag}\end{document}HAVE: latexmk -pdf main.tex silently...Read more

compiling - How to identify what is the program I used to process latex main file and bibliography - TeX

I need to submit a paper to a conference. They require the latex source files and ask me to specify: 1) the program to process the main file. Choices are: pdflatex, xelatex, latex.2) Program to process the bibliography. choices are: bibtex, biber, none.All I know about my setup is that I use TexStudio 2.12.6 in Ubuntu 18.04.Can you help me please figure out what is the program to process the main file and the bibliography? How to find an answer for the questions above?...Read more

TeXworks compiling glitch - TeX

I have a problem with TeXworks in which parts of the PDF file is not being shown. It cuts off different sections of numerous pages on the document, so it makes it hard to inspect/read my output. What can be done to fix this glitch? I will add that when I print to PDF, it shows the entire output as normal, however, I would like to be able to skip that step. Any suggestions?...Read more