compilation - Why is Swift compile time so slow?

I'm using Xcode 6 Beta 6.This is something that's been bugging me for some time now, but it's reaching a point where it's barely usable now.My project is starting to have a decent size of 65 Swift files and a few bridged Objective-C files (which are really not the cause of the problem).It seems like any slight modification to any Swift file (like adding a simple white space in a class that's barely used in the app) will cause the entire Swift files for the specified target to be recompiled.After a deeper investigation, I've found that what is t...Read more

compilation - Is there a macro or similar workaround to include the source folder (src) path at compile time?

Is there a Rust macro or a similar workaround to include the path of the 'src' folder created via cargo new in my source file as a string literal at compile time or specifically when doing cargo build?I have successfully done something similar where I use include_str! to include file content but I need to know if it is possible to directly include the src path in the code....Read more

compilation - Have anyone ever made a study to examine the benefits of a JIT compilers?

Please don't make this into another war on whether or not JIT is better or worse than static compilation.There has been more than plenty of religious was over statically compilation versus JIT-compilation. Personally, I'm swayed towards static compilation but that's really the problem. While JIT compilation have all sort of advantages from a theoretical point of view, I have yet to see any proof that those advantages are possible to realize -- i.e. as far as I can tell, the advantages will remain theoretical only. As far as I can tell, nobody h...Read more

compilation - Project organization and cljsbuild config to require namespace

How do I organize my project structure and configure cljsbuild to require my own namespace? For example in my project/src-cljs folder I have:└── project ├── file1 │   └── file1.cljs ├── file2 │   └── file2.cljs └─── required    └── required.cljsI'd like file1.cljs(namespaced as file1.file1) and file2.cljs(namespaced as file2.file2) to require required.cljs(namespaced as required.required).My :cljsbuild looks like::cljsbuild {:builds [{:source-paths ["src-cljs/project/file1"] :compiler {:output-to "reso...Read more

compilation - 'a is undefined' when compiling a cljs prj with an NPM module under :prod profile

I followed this howto: and it worked great. I even managed to use one of my own NPM module on top of this example app of re-frame: the resulting app with:lein clean && lein figwheeleverything works ok, but when I do:lein do clean, with-profile prod compileI get a TypeError: a is undefined. Any idea to fix this?Let me provide you with the code: the bad commit is here,while both :dev and :prod profiles...Read more

compilation - How to use clojure's compile function with a script containing :gen-class?

After 3 days of frustration I must ask for help. Being quite new to clojure I want to compile this script from the REPL using (compile 'examples.hello) adapted from AOT page of examples.hello (:gen-class))(defn -main [greetee] (println (str "Hello " greetee "!")))I use JEdit with the clojure console plugin as my editor and for serious projects leiningen.My dir structure in $HOME is:clojure-1.3.0 (edited to save space)|-- classes|-- clojure-1.3.0.jar|-- clojure-1.3.0-slim.jar|-- src| |-- examples| | |-- hello.clj| ...Read more

compilation - buildroot does not regard config changes

Im playing around with buildroot together with linaro 2016.11 for arm. Im actually building the latest Linux Kernel for the i.MX6 Processors. So far so good.I have setup the buildroot config with $ make makeconfigI have configured an external toolchain (the linaro one). I also configured the uboot to be built. In the uboot section, i had to choose the appropriate board name for the defconfig. Now the problem: I have done a full make which was successfull without any errors. After that, i have changed the uboot board name to something which does...Read more

compilation - Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact org.sakaiproject:master:pom:10-SNAPSHOT and 'parent.relativePath'

I've just checked out the 10.2 tag and received the titular error after a "mvn clean install" on < sakai-root/master > then "mvn clean install" on < sakai-root >I've tried googling around non-resolvable parent POM type errors:Non-resolvable parent POM for Could not find artifact and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM the basic gist of them is you need to set the "relativePath" setting for the parent differently (to point at the pom.xml) ...Read more

compilation - What is the advantage of using both TypeScript and Traceur?

You can configure TypeScript to output either ES5 or ES6. As long as you want to run your application on a platform that does not natively support ES6 you must compile the ES6 to ES5 using a compiler like Traceur (and including the Traceur runtime library).Is there any advantage of doing this rather than simply telling TypeScript to output ES5? (I don't expect that the application will ever target native ES6 platforms only)As far as I have understood you cannot write a program in TypeScript (1.5) that cannot run on ES5 (given that the program c...Read more

compilation - problems running MAKE utility from DOS command prompt

I have: fileMainProgram.cpp fileClassImplementation.cpp fileClass.h makefilein a directory.Ran cmd and typed g++ -make -f makefilegot this message after tinkering with it for a while (change file name/extension, tried without -f, used gcc instead of g++, etc)C:\miscprograms\Dropbox\box\Dropbox\c++\etextbook\e12\progec12\pe1c12romanNumeral>g++ -make -f makefilec:/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.6.2/../../../../mingw32/bin/ld.exe:makefile.txt: file format not recognized; treating as linker...Read more

Compilation and Macros

This is a quotation on the topic "compilation and macro expansion", from the book Common Lisp: A gentle introduction to symbolic computation.(defmacro bad-announce-macro ()(format t "~%Hi mom!"))(defun say-hi ()(bad-announce-macro))> (compile 'say-hi)Hi, mom!SAY-HI> (say-hi)NILIn the above example the macro was expanded as part of the process ofcompiling SAY-HI. So the compiler said ‘‘Hi, mom!’’ The result of themacro was NIL, so that’s what got compiled into the body of SAY-HI. Whenwe call the compiled SAY-HI function, it says nothing be...Read more

FPGA compilation in labview

I have a problem with FPGA compilation. I am using single board rio 9602.I have installed:Windows 7 operating systemLabVIEW 2015 sp1 (32bit),LabVIEW 2015 sp1 FPGA module,LabVIEW 2015 sp1 Real-Time Module,NI CompactRIO 16.0- NI CompactRIO Device Drivers August 2016LabVIEW 2015 SP1 FPGA Module Xilinx Tools 10.1 (ISE 10.1)I configured sbRIO in NI MAX, then created a project. Everything looks ok, butwhen i am trying to compile FPGA vi with local compile server i see the message:,,LabVIEW FPGA: The compile worker cannot perform the compilation. The...Read more

compilation - Compiling Binary

I would like to get a feel of how computers originally worked. I know initially with computers such as ENIAC, they physically had to plug in wires in the correct order to make their programs execute. They later used punch cards and finally then came up with assembly language(s). It just build upward from there with FORTRAN, COBOL, etc. Is there any way I am compile 0s and 1s on my computer. If I open textedit, and type in a specific sequence of zeroes and ones, then is how can I make that a binary file and not a text with a sequence of ASCII ch...Read more