SAS Display Manager commands

The SAS display manager is a comamnd line interface to the SAS system, which remains in Base SAS as a legacy facility.However the online documentation on how to use this facility is sparse at best, and google searches are less than fruitful.A common DM command would be: CLEAR LOG; CLEAR OUTPUT; WPGM;My question is - What other DM commands are out there?...Read more

command line - SSH SCP Local file to Remote in Terminal Mac Os X

I am attempting to copy a local file 'magento.tar.gz' from my local machine to a remote server using SSH through a VPN. This is connecting to the Virtual Machine's Internal IP which I've used as xx.x.x.xx here.I have full 'sudo' access on the SSH account so there shouldn't be any problem copying across. I have tried the following:I have tried the following (the magento.tar.gz file is already in the local root dir)sudo scp magento.tar.gz user@xx.x.x.xx/var/www/This asks me to type in my local password. Afterwards returns cp: user@xx.x.x.xx/var/w...Read more

notepad++ - Create and edit .cpp file in command line

I've been trying to setup Notepad++ with my school's computer lab so that I can access their compiler remotely and write C++ scripts in the application, but so far I've only managed to connect to my student server through PuTTY.I can access all of my files on my account through command line however, and was wondering if there was a method to create and edit .cpp files in command line.Thanks in advance....Read more

dns - Checking Nameserver setup from command line

Is there a way to check if my domain is setup correctly on the nameservers? Ideally I'd like to run a command from command line, alternatively can use a third party tool.for example, I'm trying to register a domain that's to be hosted on I have set up the domain and can see it in my DNS list. The servers that are supposed to be setup are and, however my registration is bouncing saying that there are "No Nameservers found for {my new domain}"....Read more

imagemagick - How to create a layered PSD file from command line?

I need to create a layered PSD file with ImageMagick or any other command-line tool available on Linux platform. Since I need to do this on Linux server, I can't use Photoshop scripting.The ImageMagick command below creates PSD file with a single layer, where two images (here: plasma fractals) are positioned one below another. (I use ImageMagick 6.5.3-10 2009-07-31 Q16, latest available in MacPorts.)convert -size 100x100 plasma:fractal plasma:fractal -append out.psdHow do I create a PSD file where each image is in its own layer, and one layer i...Read more

Idiomatic way to write Clojure code for repeatedly reading lines from the console?

Recently I was writing a little CLI script which needed to repeatedly read dates from the console (the number of dates to read was calculated and could be different each time). Sample Ruby code to give you the idea:dates = x.times.collect { print "Enter date: "; Date.parse(gets.chomp) }Just for the heck of it, I wrote the script in Clojure, and wound up using some rather ugly code with swap! and loop...recur. I'm wondering what the cleanest way to achieve the desired effect in Clojure would be. (Clojure does have dotimes, but it doesn't retain ...Read more

What could cause a ".json is unexpected at this time" error when running a postman collection from command line using newman

I am attempting to use newman to run postman collection from the command line. I have been successful before, but with this most recent collection I am getting an error. I am using the following commandnewman run [urlforjcollection] --reporters cli,json,html --reporter-json-export C:\outputfile.json --reporter-html-export C:\outputfile.html -e c:\QAEnvironment.jsonThis fails to run and I get the error .json was unexpected at this time. As I said I used this exact command on another collection and it worked fine. Does anyone know what could case...Read more

command line - UNIX find for finding file names NOT ending in specific extensions?

Is there a simple way to recursively find all files in a directory hierarchy, that do not end in a list of extensions? E.g. all files that are not *.dll or *.exeUNIX/GNU find, powerful as it is, doesn't seem to have an exclude mode (or I'm missing it), and I've always found it hard to use regular expressions to find things that don't match a particular expression.I'm in a Windows environment (using the GnuWin32 port of most GNU tools), so I'm equally open for Windows-only solutions....Read more

how to run 'color' command in NAnt script

I've just started using Nant for my builds and tests. I want to make it change the color (or background) of my command prompt text when it fails so its easily noticed.The command in command prompt on Windows is 'color 4' to change it to red and color 7 for back to white.How do I make this run in a build script, echo doesn't work, exec doesn't work (may be using exec wrong though). I'd prefer to not have to run perl etc just to do something which is easily done in a standard command prompt window.Does anyone know how to do this?...Read more