Cocos3D - Take various screenshots in the background

Using Cocos3D, is it possible to take screenshot of the 3D model in the background without the user knowing it?For pre-processing purpose and other usage, I want to take screenshots of the 3D model at various angles. Following the Render-To-Texture capability, I noticed when my scene is not visible, the drawSceneContentWithVisitor: method only execute once rather than at every rendering cycle. For obvious reason, the CC3GLFramebuffer* won't get updated with new data, hence, I'm only able to take the initial screenshot.Thanks....Read more

Created 3D object , but it doesn't rotate in cocos3d

I created one 3D object using Blender 2.66 and PowerVR Graphics SDK. I added the pod file and altered the hello-world project simply by replacing pod file name and node name.But the 3D object is not rotating. Is there any other changes tat i have to do in code? Is there any chance of error in pod file creation ? Thanks ....Read more

How to run reversed animation with Cocos3D?

I use below code to run the animation, but how to reversed the animation? (For example, a door model has an open animation, but I want to make it close)CC3ResourceNode* rezNode = [CC3PODResourceNode nodeFromFile: @"bd1hW1368.POD"]; [self addChild: rezNode]; CCActionInterval *stride = [CC3Animate actionWithDuration:10.0]; [rezNode runAction:[CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:stride]];[UPDATE]Related to Bill's answer, I create a continuous door close/open animation as below: CC3ResourceNode* rezNode = [CC3PODResourceNode nodeFromFile:...Read more

cocos3d dynamically create 3D box

I am new in cocos3d but i know cocos2d. i want to create 3d box dynamically. so what i did inside cc3layer is -(void) initializeControls { [self schedule:@selector(create_box:) interval:2 ];}-(void)create_box:(id)sender{ [self unschedule:@selector(mov_cel:)]; [[testWorld sharedcontescWorld] world_create_box];}and in cc3world class is static testWorld *_sharedcontescWorld=nil;+(testWorld *)sharedcontescWorld{ @synchronized([testWorld class]){ if (!_sharedcontescWorld) [self alloc]; return _sharedcontescWorld;...Read more

Cocos3d: Texture not displaying

I have created a Cocos3d iOS project and facing issue on texture display. My project has been kept under this link-> we run this project, we can see a sample house model output, where roof shows in plain white color in the house. But, actually i have added a roof texture in blender, and converted in pod. I don't know why the roof texture display not displaying when running the code in simulator. Could please download my sample project more

Cocos3d: Web app development support

I want to develop a web based 3D application using Cocos3d framework. I see it should be possible, as they are supporting for Java. Why i want to develop using Cocos, because i will use this web based app to launch on iOS and Android devices as Hybrid or Web app solution. I can't use three.js or flash based as both are not supported by iOS and Android browsers. Could someone advise me i can develop this using Cocos3d web app?...Read more

Cocos3d: Crashing when loading scene in separate thread or background thread:

I am trying to load several big models in code and show the scenes. Generally, it is taking long time for loading and showing scene on screen as it need to extract lot of resources from a pod model.So, i thought of populate the first scene in main thread and remaining others in a separate thread. But, it is crashing when i move my part code into separate thread. Here is my sample code: -(void) loadFirstScene{CC3PODResourceNode* podRezNode = [CC3PODResourceNode nodeWithName: @"FirstModel"];podRezNode.resource = [IntroducingPODResource resourc...Read more

Cocos3d:Animation is not working in the output

I am developing cocos3d app for iOS.I added the walk animation for a "Man" blend file. Looks, the man is doing walk animation fine in Blender. I have used the following settings to convert to collada and then pod. I am getting wrong output mentioned like below.Export .dae options such as "Export Data Options (Apply modifiers, Selection only, Include Armatures are enabled),Texture options (Include UV Textures, Include Material textures and copy are enabled),Armature Options (Deform Bones only is enabled),Collada Options (Use Object Instance enab...Read more