Ckeditor embedding media

i'm getting crazy to understand why ckeditor doesn't work properly whith some web sites.Not even the sample at this link doesn't work. In particular if I put a link such as "" o others it doesn't appear the preview. But for other links (ex. youtube) it works fine.Ckeditor installed is 4 and I'm using Iframely proxy service (this service works fine with the links, where Ckeditor doesn't work.thanks for every tips...Read more

How to define allowed tags in CKEditor?

Sometimes users copy and paste text from different sources to CKEditor, but I want to restrict what tags they can copy to CKEditor.I only need to use certain tags in CKEditor: The list tag, break tag, etc...Can I define them & disable the other tags in CKEditor?...Read more

CKEditor - preventing users from pasting images

I would like giving my users a limited editor, using the great CKEditor.I was trying to prevent people from adding images, therefore I've blocked the "Source" view and disabled the "paste" button (leaving only the Paste as Text button).However, it is still possible to paste images (copied from web page).Is there a way to prevent that as well ?Thanks....Read more

CKEditor on('paste') event doesn't have defined

I refactored my CKEditor code today, and now find the paste event is only giving me plain-text, no HTML (required for my application). I can't figure out what changed (and its changed on chrome, firefox, and ie), any ideas what causes CKEditor to paste text instead of html? The copied element (from the same web page) is definitely putting HTML in the clipboard.CKEditor.on('paste', function(evt) { // == undefined // == "..."}...Read more

how to avoid ckeditor to replace &lt to real tag

Using CKEDITOR3, i need to be able to enter:<p>dummy</p>: This tag is really good at stuff....Note that the brackets should show, as it's for documenting tags.As i enter the brackets in the texteditor-area they're saved in db as &lt; etc and retrieved back to the source of the textarea as &lt; but then the CKEDITOR htmlWriter probably kicks in and strips &lt to a bracket and that's what shows in the editor.Can I prevent this behaviour in CKEditor. If I would enter real tags, I use the CKEDITOR-source view. Now i really w...Read more

<figure> & <figcapture> tags in CKeditor

Going a little insane trying to tell the CKeditor v4.4.2 instance embedded in my Kentico CMS to stop filtering & allow whatever I want. Case in point, it keeps messing up my figure & figcapture tags, sometimes closing incorrectly, sometimes removing them, sometimes replacing the tag with paragraph tags. I've spent several days trying to track this down, and have tried plenty:config.allowedContent = true;config.extraAllowedContent = 'figure figcapture';CKEDITOR.dtd.$editable.figure = 1;CKEDITOR.dtd.$editable.figcaption = 1;CKEDITOR.dtd.$...Read more

ckeditor - Work in 'source mode' but enable toolbar buttons

I am building a simple forum on my website using CKEditor as a BBCode editor. I managed to make CKEditor output BBCode just fine by following the example.However, I do not want to use the 'WYSIWYG' interface. I just want a plain "bbcode source" editor. The WYSIWYG output is not exactly the same as how the output will look on my forum (because I translate the bbcode to html myself and then apply some additional styling) and I don't really like the difference. More importantly, I have a couple "custom bbcode" tags that make no sense outside of my...Read more

Public CDN for CKEditor

Simple one:Is there any public CDN to load CKEditor like when you load jQuery from Google's CDN?I haven't been able to find any big CDN. I guess I could always hotlink to's JS file but that's not exactly what optimization means....Read more

wysiwyg - How to install 'Ckeditor' for 'Active Admin' with 'Rails 3.1'

I looking for how to install Ckeditor for Active_Admin I already installed Ckeditor and I have put this line in my 'initializers/active_admin.rb' file. # To load a javascript file: config.register_javascript 'ckeditor/config.js'And the line config.autoload_paths += %W(#{config.root}/app/models/ckeditor)in my 'config/application.rb'In the begining the 'config.js' file wasn't loaded because when I install Ckeditor gem it creates a folder named Ckeditor in public/javascripts but with rails 3.1, I had to move this folder into assets/javascript...Read more

Issue while using Cloudinary, Carrierwave, Ckeditor with Rails Admin

i am trying to use Ckeditor with Rails Admin. Where I am using Carrierwave and cloud storage as cloudinary. After making all the settings I can see CKeditor is able to save the file on local storage and then it creates url of cloudinary where actually image should store. But problem is image is not uploaded from that local folder to cloudinary.Where as my simple file upload works correctly. Without any issue.One more question which I have here is - what should be the storage name when I am using cloudinary? as for file and Amazon S3 we have nam...Read more

How to pass query string parameters in ckeditor for the picture (ckfinder) button?

I am using ckeditor 3 and ckfinder. When I press on the picture button in ckeditor I see the popup of ckfinder. I can select a picture and it will be inserted in the content of ckeditor. Now I would like to pass some query string parameters in the ckfinder popup. In the connector I would like to read this query string parameter.For example:connectorBuilder.SetAuthenticator(customAuthenticator) .LoadConfig() .SetRequestConfiguration( (request, config) => { ...Read more

ckeditor - CKFinder - 404 Error When Attempting Upload or Browse

I have the following CKEditor and CKFinder 3 set up in my cshtml: <script> var editor = CKEDITOR.replace('editor11', { htmlEncodeOutput: true, wordcount: { showWordCount: false, showCharCount: false, countSpacesAsChars: true, countHTML: false }, }); CKFinder.setupCKEditor(editor, null, { type: 'Images' }); </script>with the following to specify the connector: ...Read more

ckeditor - CKFinder - How to use Connector

I have installed 3.4.2 of CKFinder into an MVC app that currently works successfully with CKEditor. In the web.config for CKFinder (which strangely wasn't included in the Package Manager Console Install-Package and which I copied over from the zip instead) I see "add key="ckfinderRoute" value="/connector"/>. But there is not connector folder in the install. In another older site here, there is a WebForms project that also uses connector, and has this folder. Do I need this?I have set up my html with the following: <script> ...Read more