Civ Beyond Earth --- Can't conquer anymore cities

I can't seem to completely annihilate my enemy factions. I basically done beat the game having a 2000 score after fudging around end game (I ended with something like a 1500 score) but I can't conquer anymore capitals nevermind destroy a nation. Can you please explain what might be going on? I conquer quickly so I do have some cities under martial law. Is possible this is causing an issue? Could it be settings that I missed? I greatly appreciate any help!...Read more

civilization beyond earth civilization 6 - Is it possible to play Civ 6 or BE on a Secondary Monitor?

I am running a dual monitor setup with the Primary Monitor on the right.In Windows, pressing + Shift + ← (or →) will attempt to move the current application to the appropriate monitor.When I do this with Civ VI, the game moves to the Secondary monitor just fine... but then I am unable to navigate menus or interact with the game in any way. Moving the game back to the Primary monitor (via the same keyboard shortcut) fixes these issues.What is going wrong here? I'd like to run Civ VI on a secondary monitor without completing retooling my Windows...Read more

civilization beyond earth - When moving your units, is it possible to prevent them from automatically attacking aliens that are hidden by fog of war?

If you tell a unit to move to a hex, and that hex is both covered by fog of war and also happens to have an alien on it, your unit will automatically attack the unit. This is pretty irksome, especially when the unit you're moving is an explorer. If I tell an explorer to move to a hex, and I'm not aware that there is an alien on that hex, my intention as the player is simply to move my explorer, not engage in a risky combat that will threaten the life of my explorer if there happens to be an alien there.In Alpha Centauri there was an option that...Read more

civilization beyond earth civ beyond earth rising tide - Is the Ultrasonic Fence broken?

In Civ-BE vanilla, the Ultrasonic Fence made it impossible for aliens to come within 2 tiles of a city. In Rising Tide, the mechanics were changed to merely discourage aliens to come close.But how exactly does that work?I assumed that the discouragement effect only gets weaker if the aliens are angry, but in a recent game I treated them super friendly (not attacking a single time) and a Kraken still completely ignored the fence and destroyed all my improvements. I even had the +1 range quest reward.Am I missing something or is the fence current...Read more

civilization beyond earth - Why can't I add a new trade route even though I have 2 cities and 2 slots available?

I have 2 cities. In my capital, I have 1 out of 2 trade slots occupied. That occupied slot trades with my other city. The other city has 1 trade slot which is also free! So I could have three trade routes, yet even not even my second Trade Convoy works. When I try to establish a new trade route, I just can't connect it to any city. Quite infuriating!The cities are 3 hexes from each other and there's no miasma between them (since the existent trade route works just fine). I'd expect to at least be able to establish 1 trade route from each city t...Read more

civilization beyond earth - When do stations move to a new location?

In the Civilization Wikia, on the Stations Page it indicates that: Stations may land on the planet at any time. They are looking to trade with the players, and if nobody comes forward within a given period of time, they pack their belongings and move to a new location on the planet. Only one city per each civilization can trade with a given Station simultaneously.But I haven't found anything on how much that period of time is before they leave.Is there a confirmation of how long it takes? Also, is there a way to find out if nobody else has tra...Read more