Civilization 5 population demographics

In Civilization 5, when the game ends and it displays the score screen ranking each civ by things like GDP, literacy, population, and army size, how is the population calculated? It doesn't seem to make any sense. In one game, I'll build tall, and have 1-2 cities size +60 and 2-3 more size +30, and my population at the end will be around 200 million. I just finished a game as Washington in with a conquest victory, in which I owned +90% of the cities, and I only had 170 million population. Most of my cities were around size 20, my original f...Read more

civilization 5 - Losing my city on a one-city-challenge on complete kills, do I still stand a chance?

I am currently in a long term Civilization game with a few of my friends. During our previous session I was one single turn away from a science victory, however, the warmonger among us managed to destroy my only city (due to one-city-challenge being on) with his superior fleet. Luckily for me, complete kills is also on, and I still have a decent army. Is it possible for me to capture a landlocked city-state, construct the final piece of the spaceship, and win the game?...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Why is movement limited within enemies' borders outside the Great Wall?

Look at this screenshotTo the left you can see that the town Argos has the Great Wall, and quite far from it to the right I'm attacking Copenhagen. Both of these are controlled by Greece at the moment. How come my soldiers, two musketmen and two longbowmen, only can move one tile within Copenhagen's borders? I know that the Great Wall often eclipses nearby territory belonging to other cities, but in this case it is clearly outside the wall. I also know that it can be a bit iffy with the graphics, so I reloaded the savegame and there's no wall n...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - What do I do with stacked units when city is at war?

Great!I'm in the middle of a war and a town is surrounded by enemies. To get better defense I have a great general in that city, but suddenly a great engineer appears and I'm told to do something about stacked units. I could finish the wonder I'm building, but I have already built around 80% of it. But apart from that I cannot see any way to not have one of the great persons killed. Is there any solution to this? And what would have happened if it was impossible to perform any action whatsoever with either of these great persons?...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Why doesn't production focus always yield most production of the different focuses?

Sometimes I get higher production when I select default or food focus than I get when I select production focus. If I remember it correctly, I have seen the same thing but with food.Why is this? It seems completely illogical. The only reason I can think of is that it is a bug, but of course it can be something else I have missed.To clarify my concern. I know that "max production" does not mean producing as many hammers as possible without restrictions. For example, if possible, the city will avoid starvation. I would be perfectly ok if food and...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Can AI utilize the mods?

There are some fun mods in Civilization. For instance, I do enjoy the mod that removes the xp cap for fights with barbarians. A mod I have not tried yet but probably will is the mod that increases the range for gatling gun and its successors and lower their power a bit not not make them OP.However, I am a bit reluctant to use them. Mainly because I don't know if the AI will utilize them or not. If they don't I get an unfair advantage.So my question is simply if the AI will take mods into account. Let's say that I create a mod that sets the swor...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Is it worth it to use Great Person's improvement on tiles with ressources?

I've played Civ5 quite a lot, and I was wondering if there's a time where it's worth it to use a Great Person for tile improvements on Iron or Salt (for example) ?Usually I use Great Scientist for Academy, and put it on plains/desert/toundra. For Toundra/desert, I find it very worth it, and once in a while I discover Oil or something under it. I've got to use the ressource, but I never know if it's a waste, or not....Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Is there any reason to use the early siege units?

I compared the early ranged units. I'll abbreviate melee strength with MS and ranged strength with RS. Unit MS RSComposite bowman 7 11Catapult 7 8Crossbowman 13 18Trebuchet 12 14Cannon 14 20You get composite bowman and catapult about the samt time in the classical era, and the crossbowman and trebuchet is available in the medieval era. Also roughly about the same time.The composite bowman is (as far as I can see) better in all aspects compared to the catapult. Same goes for crossbowman and trebuchet. ...Read more

civilization 5 brave new world - Does National visistor center affect all cities?

The description for National visitor center says: Must have built a Hotel in all Cities. The cost goes up the more cities there are in the empire. 100% of the Culture from World Wonders, Natural Wonders, and Improvements (Landmarks, Moai, Chateau) is added to the Tourism output of the city. Tourism output from Great Works +100%.Does this mean that this wonder gives this bonus for all cities or just the one it is built in?...Read more