citation style - Why/how APA was chosen as a standard for many fields?

My background is in mathematics where we write papers to the style guide of the particular journal, often similar to that of the largest organizations like the AMS or the MAA. I was a little surprised to learn that (at least in the United States – I immigrated here for university and now work here) apparently many fields use the style of the APA, even if they have nothing to do with psychology. I was told by a colleague that they even have to follow the changes to that style, even though no one in their department actually belongs to the APA....Read more

citation style - How does one cite a book series/sequence?

I have a need to cite a certain scifi book series (i.e. a collection of books functioning as elements in a single larger story, not a series like the Springer Graduate Texts in Math) as inspiring a thought experiment in a philosophy paper, but I’m having trouble finding advice on how to cite a book series rather than a particular book in the series.At least in this case it doesn’t seem appropriate to pick any particular book in the series (the relevant conceit is present across the whole series, but it’s quite possible some books in the series ...Read more

citation style - Multiple references to the same author but without a date

In a thesis using the “(Author, Year)” citation style a problem arises when the date is missing. Then Citavi for Word just writes “(Author)”. Now in case that there are several undated sources from the same company, all of them become “(Company)”, which is ambigious. If there was a year one could simply do “(Company, 2019a)” and “(Company 2019b)” to resolve this.What shall one do when there is a missing date and there are multiple sources? Shall one just use “0000a” and “0000b” for the date?...Read more

citation style - Some authors can use variants of their last names in two different publications. How does one write their last name when citing both inline?

When citing two articles from the same author using different initials, one should cite each article with the relevant initials, even if they are different. This is answered here.But what about differences in the last name of the same author when referencing inline? Russian authors, for instance, must transliterate their names and there are sometimes inconsistencies in the way this is done. For example, E. Mashchenko writes his or her name E. Maschenko here (published 2015), but E. Mashchenko here (published 2013). Basic knowledge of Russian tr...Read more

citation style - Is it okay to omit (one or multiple) middle names in a bibliography?

Assuming that the cited work will not be less identifiable:When including a paper in the body and bibliography of one’s work, is it okay to omit the author’s middle name(s) and just give the first and last name in the bibliography?The main reason why I consider doing that is as follows:I often cite different works by the same author, but one work lists the middle name, the other doesn’t.Usually, when two works of the same author are listed in the bibliography, and the names are consistent, they will appear one below the other, and the second en...Read more

MLA multiple parenthetical citation essay without page numbers

I have an older source that has no pagination. My question concerns the correct mode of multiple parenthetical in-text reference to the source according to MLA style.In the works cited section:Smith, Alexander. "The Problems of Writing." New Inquiry (1940): n. pag.In text (version 1):Smith argues that writing is "a problem of its own" (1940). He goes on to refer to the "complicated process of writing a text." He explains it in ...Question: How do I back up the second, third, etc. reference to the unpaginated source in my own text? Is the text a...Read more

In-text citation for research paper. How to look for a "source" when a reference is an article on a website?

I am an I.T. student and currently working on my capstone project it is equivalent to research paper or thesis for some college courses. I usually do an in-text citation using APA style. For example: According to Jones (1998), "Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time" (p. 199).As you can see at the last part (p. 199) that is the "source". At least, that is what I understand from my professor's explanation. Since almost of my reference are taken from websites particularly an article which have no ...Read more

Style of inline citations (numeric)

In the paper that I am writing using LaTeX, I have several sentences like:However, in \cite{aa2014} only a small uncertainty has been introduced ...Or,According to \cite{ab2014}, ...Because I am forced to using numerical references, the result is respectively: However, in⁴ only a small uncertainty has been introduced ... According to⁸, ...I don't like this style of citations so I am looking for improvements. I have been able to rewrite some of the sentences so that I can put the citation at the end of the sentence, but this does not always ...Read more

How to quote bulleted lists using IEEE style?

I found two very useful bulleted lists in my sources and I want to quote them directly in my thesis. For example: Sentence 1 Sentence 2 Sentence 3 Sentence 4 Nevertheless I only could find how to do it using APA and MLA. How can I do this using IEEE style?EDIT: I was following the approach proposed by the accepted answer, but I found two awkward consequences while doing this. I would appreciate if someone can confirm if this approach is okay. I explain the problem with an example.Consider this list in the original source:sold, leased, ...Read more