chinese locale - How to publish my Android app on Tencent or 360 mobile?

I have a fully working APK of an Android application I have developed. The app only have ads and some basic functions, not any Google Admob ads or any Google in-app purchases.I wish to market this app to China, but the Google Play store is inaccessible at mainland China. So, how can I publish my app to a Chinese app market store like Tencent or 360 mobile? I can't read or write a single word in Chinese....Read more

text services framework - ITfLanguageProfileNotifySink for Chinese sub-language change

Simply put: why does the ITfLanguageProfileNotifySink interface sink not seem to invoke OnLanguageChange method when changing input language (from Language Bar) to one of the Chinese (Traditional), such as ChangJie or New Phonetic? This is on Windows 7. I get it going from say English to Chinese, but then when I select a different Chinese (sub-) language, there is no notification?!...Read more