Nested Chemformula exceeds TeX Capacity - TeX

Here is an MWE of the problem at hand:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{chemformula}\begin{document} $\varphi_{\ch{N2}}$%chemformula as index works \ch{C + O2 + N2 -> CO2 + N2}%regular equation \ch{C + O2 + $\varphi$ N2 -> CO2 + N2}%escaped math works %\ch{C + O2 + $\varphi_{\ch{N2}}$ N2 -> CO2 + N2}%throws error when nested\end{document}In the code with its comments, the problem is explained: using chemformula and its command \ch, indices may be created, even in math mode, see the first line of code.Formulating a longer e...Read more

chemformula - Superior label in chemfomula's arrow doesn't accept a word after an element - TeX

I have to write a simple reaction using chemformula with a double arrow (\ch{<=>}) and a label above the arrow. Here's a MWE:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{chemformula}\begin{document} \ch{A + B <=>[ H+ ] C + D}\end{document}The problem comes when I try to insert a word after the hydrogen, let's say heat:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{chemformula}\begin{document} \ch{A + B <=>[ H+ ,~heat] C + D}\end{document}gives an error of extra/missing }.What am I missing?...Read more