charcuterie - Can you cure pork belly with skin and not replace the water?

Steve Lamb in his book 'The River Cottage Cookbook' mentions a recipe for pancetta where he removes the skin of the pork belly and then cures the belly in salt. He does not replace the cure and after a while, the salt removes the water from the meat and it becomes a wet cure.I understand that when you roll the pancetta you don't want to roll it with the rind, but I want to know if you make unrolled pancetta can you cure it with this hybrid dry / wet cure with the skin ON....Read more

charcuterie - Corned Beef, Cabbage vs. Reuben - Multipurpose?

Good evening, all. Quick, specific question here (something too esoteric for most cooking sites I checked):I have ~2.25lb of Corned Beef Brisket (Point Cut)", fresh & vacuum-sealed with spices and all that. I bought it with the intention of making Reuben sandwiches (R's) for my waifu and I... But then simultaneously bought a head of cabbage, thinking "Ah, Easter; corned beef & cabbage (CB&C)!" Aaaaand they have sat in the fridge, since I cannot figure out if I can do both.My lack of culinary initiative aside, I am trying to det...Read more

charcuterie - why did my liverwurst get crumbly?

i'm pretty decent at doing rustic pates in a terrine mold, but wanted to expand my skill set... so i decided to make liverwurst for the first time.I used 1:1 ratio of pork liver and very fatty pork shoulder and followed this procedure - per recipe I found online:Ground pork, then liver, then ground combined mixture all through small dieMixed in spices, powdered milk and onions - chilled, then ground again through small dieWrapped in muslin, twisted ends to create a tight casing and tied offDropped in boiling water, reduced water to simmer and p...Read more