Those bright spots on Ceres — are scientists still "scratching their heads"?

A while back the Dawn spacecraft took some photographs of the surface of Ceres while it was first approaching, and there were these surprising, mysterious white dots that nobody could explain. For example, in Sky & Telescope's Bright Spots on Ceres Intrigue Scientists: NASA's Dawn spacecraft is just a few days from arriving at its second and final objective, asteroid 1 Ceres, on March 6th. Robert Mase, who manages the mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, says Dawn will be captured into orbit at 4:20 a.m. (12:20 Universal...Read more

ceres - Age of Occator Crater

Has any official information been published regarding the estimated age of the Occator crater on Ceres? I ran some quick searches but couldn't find anything putting a definitive (or even speculative) date on the moment of impact.I ask because based upon my own very amateur analysis of the imagery:...there seems to be a marked decrease in the amount of secondary cratering visible within a fairly uniform radius of the main crater. My assumption is that when the impact occurred, the surrounding area was likely blanketed by material kicked up fro...Read more