causative get - Getting silent vs being silent

According to me, get in this context can be used. For example if we talk about a person who a moment ago was talking and then he suddenly stopped. So his condition changed from talking to not at all. But be may also be used if u do not want to describe the changing condition but the person's present condition which is silent. I am much confused right now.Please tell me the exact difference. And also point me to a site which has detailed explanation about the difference between Get and Be. Thanks in advance. And please answer this question...Read more

causative get - What is the meaning of get it done?

I often get confused with this phrase "Get It Done" . I searched a lot on the internet about this. But where does it actually use ? Word "Get" is also used when you arrange for another person to do some work. eg."I ll get my hair cut" (Means i ll arrange for barber to cut my hairs)But i am confused with the following part-But i have heard my manager saying this word 100 times, We ll get it done. He simply mean we will do it. so can get it done replace the word do it ? if yes when do we have this replacement ?...Read more